10 times Bethenny Frankel was the funniest actor


Of all the cast members on The real housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel may have made the biggest impression on fans thanks to her willingness to say whatever comes to mind. Whether talking to co-stars Ramona Singer or Kelly Bensimon, Bethenny wouldn’t hold back and she made viewers laugh even under the most tense circumstances.

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From her early seasons to her return for seasons 7-11, Bethenny was a part of many hilarious scenes, and fans appreciated that she kept her sense of humor throughout the drama.

ten When Bethenny coined her slogan “Get off my jock!”

bethenny frankel season 10 rhony

Bethenny’s most famous RHONY quotes included when she started saying “Get off my jock!” in certain situations.

Viewers were immediately intrigued, as Bethenny had found a more fun way to tell people to leave her alone and give her some privacy, peace and quiet. There’s often a good balance in reality shows because stars want to share their lives but they also want to keep certain things to themselves, but Bethenny has always been successful in letting people know when they should take a step back.

9 When Bethenny wanted to sleep

While Bethenny is famous for shouting “Go to sleep!” to Kelly on the episode “Scary Island”, she also had a fun time when she shared that she lacked sleep. In one scene, Bethenny closed her eyes with her fingers saying, “I just need this … just five minutes of this.”

It was not only hilarious, but also relevant, as everyone has a bad night and a lot of people have trouble sleeping on a regular basis as well. Fans can always count on Bethenny to talk about topics everyone’s talking about, even if they’re not on a popular reality show.

8 When she helped Sonja create a dating app profile

Sonja and Bethenny argue at a party

Sonja Morgan and Bethenny weren’t always best friends, but they shared many sweet and fascinating moments during Season 10. Bethenny and Sonja discussed Sonja’s dating app profile, and Bethenny has Explained that Sonja’s job descriptions were needed from various websites. Bethenny laughed as she read the very long list and joked into the camera, “Master puppeteer, baker, barista, zookeeper.”

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Viewers laughed as it seemed like an overwhelming number of career paths. After getting over the humor of the situation, Bethenny told Sonja not to worry as they might cut her bio to a manageable length and she would still stand out on the app.

7 When Ramona and Bethenny were talking about brunch

Ramona and Bethenny chatting on Brooklyn Bridge on RHONY

The best of singer Ramona RHONY the quotes showed fans her love of the party, strong opinions, and the fact that she could say the wrong thing. When Bethenny wanted to invite a friend to brunch, Ramona was not happy and let him know that was rude behavior.

Fans loved it when Bethenny joked, “Is this brunch invitation behavior inappropriate? I missed this chapter.” Everyone had a conversation about whether it was okay to invite a friend over, and Bethenny grew more and more confused. Viewers could see this situation from her point of view as she was just trying to be social. It definitely seemed like an innocent request.

6 When she interviewed Sonja using a fax machine

Bethenny and Sonja in Atlantic City on RHONY

RHONY fans love Sonja’s eccentricity and lots of hilarious scenes were filmed in her townhouse. When Bethenny was done in a Season 10 episode, she found a fax machine and was totally puzzled as to why Sonja would own it.

Bethenny kept joking around about this old-fashioned office item, saying “It’s supposed to be in a dumpster” and “You can’t sell that for $ 12 on the street.” The moment Bethenny asked, “Who are you faxing to?” fans couldn’t watch this scene without laughing. Sonja disagreed with Bethenny’s assessment and ignored her, and she fully recognized her love for her favorite machine.

5 When she corrected Kelly’s metaphor

Sometimes people can’t help but get the wrong metaphor, and it can be fun and entertaining. When Kelly was mad at her co-stars, she told them they were turning lemons into lemonade, and Bethenny felt she should explain why that was the wrong thing to say.

When Bethenny said that “making lemonade lemons means doing good with something bad,” viewers laughed because it was not only true, but also a good way to relieve the tension of the moment.

4 When Bethenny was confused by Kelly

Image shared by Kelly Bensimon and Bethenny Frankel on RHONY

Bethenny’s Biggest RHONY arguments include his season 2 drama with Kelly. The cast members gathered at Jill’s apartment in one episode, and Bethenny wanted to be reconciled because they had been faced with so much conflict. Fans remember when they gathered at the Brass Monkey and Kelly said she was better than Bethenny.

Bethenny made fans smile when she said to the camera, “I don’t know if the first meeting with Kelly was actually Kelly or if he was an impostor … it was like I was making it all up. . ” It was really weird that Kelly wouldn’t admit that she told Bethenny “I’m up there, you’re over there.”

3 When she commented on everyone’s fashion choices

Dorinda touching Bethenny's knee at a meeting for RHONY

While fashion RHONY is often enviable, there was a scene where the cast members wore a pretty random assortment of clothes and their outfits didn’t make much sense. Bethenny joked that she walked through the Midtown tunnel and had no idea why they chose these clothes.

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It wasn’t only a great, light-hearted moment on a show that can get very tense, but it was also something viewers worried about. Sometimes the cast seems pretty well coordinated, but that wasn’t the case here.

2 When Bethenny suggested choosing rooms in a hat

Bethenny Frankel looks serious on RHONY

Among the best RHONY vacation, Season 9’s trip to Mexico began with an intense argument over who would sleep where.

Bethenny said she was shocked the cast was still fighting for “the best room” on vacation. She said they should all pick one piece from a bowl so it was fair and no one could complain. When she said, “They’re not going to look for their room, that’s not happening.” We’re grown women and we’ll just do it, “viewers smiled, knowing how many times this drama had played out.

1 When Bethenny didn’t realize she was talking about Ramona

In one memorable scene fans still think about, Bethenny commented on a magazine photo, then realized she was talking about Ramona. Bethenny laughed and started to swear, not knowing how to get over this incredibly awkward moment.

Everyone makes mistakes and fans know Bethenny always faces the ups and downs of her life. Even Ramona wasn’t much offended by what Bethenny said as she knew she didn’t want to insult or offend him, and the two were able to move on.

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