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LOS ANGELES, September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Meerkat launches a new app designed to help parents make new family friends using a matching system similar to dating apps Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc.

Once you download the app, you create a personalized profile by uploading photos, selecting interests, and showing off your family’s personality. Once completed, you will see other families near you one by one. You can choose to “like” or “pass” for each and if you and someone else both “like” each other, you’re paired up and you can start chatting. Unless there is this mutual interest, neither party is told that the other loved them.

Download Meerkat, create a personalized profile based on your unique interests and our technology connects you with other families in your area. Depending on your parental interests, you can ‘like’ or ‘pass’, and if it’s a ‘match’ our system lets you start chatting instantly.

When Tom and Meida Butorac had their first baby during Covid, they realized they didn’t have a strong social circle of friends with children, and didn’t know how to make new family friends, especially during a pandemic.

“Our daughter was about five months old and we realized that she had only seen another baby once or twice. We jokingly suggested that we needed an app similar to Tinder, but for the parents can connect. A whirlwind of nine months later, Meerkat was born (pun intended) and now available to help other parents in a situation similar to ours, ”said Tom butorac, founder and CEO.

With over 68% of parents Feeling “cut off” from friends, family and colleagues after birth, Meerkat has the opportunity to target a niche market within the parent-tech space. A space in which to connect families and build “parent villages” and support systems are in great demand – especially with a pandemic at stake. More than ever, parents are relying on technology to help them form communities, communicate effectively with other parents, seek advice quickly, and more.

Prior to the launch of Meerkat, there were no apps, groups, or forums for parents to create custom profiles to match other relatives nearby with similar interests.

“Ultimately, we want to bring parents together. Parenthood can be isolating and it has been magnified by the pandemic, so we want to help parents overcome this feeling of isolation in a safe way using a digital first approach. , but with the aim of moving in person. We help you make the connection, you take it from there in the way that suits you, “said Butorac.

Meerkat was founded in 2021 by Tom butorac. He worked in the tech space as a program, project and product manager for several years.

The Meerkat app aims to connect parents by helping them create a sense of community, camaraderie, bond and friendship to avoid “parental isolation” in today’s digital world. Download, create your profile, and instantly match with other parents in your area with similar interests.

Tom butorac
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SOURCE Meerkat Technology, Inc

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