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Appearance is important – we can all agree on this – but they’re not everything. As the saying goes, there is more to a person than there is to see. But what if you can only see a person’s eyes when they are wearing a mask?

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If it’s not obvious, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of life, including the dating world. In the fire of the pandemic, more people used dating apps like Tinder, where users had 11% more swipes and 42% more matches in 2020. People had to do some research Focus on date ideas, and apps like Bumble incorporated video and voice chat functionality, as meeting in person was no longer the safest option.

With the COVID-19 vaccine no longer available and decrease in positive cases in the United States, society has gradually opened up, bringing a little normalcy to our love lives. An important but necessary health issue that we still suffer from is the Mask Mandate, which introduced us to the world of mask fishing.

What is mask fishing, you ask? For those who don’t know, this is a situation that occurs when someone takes off their mask and looks less attractive than when they are wearing it. The origins of the word go back to none other than the cesspool of vanity, TikTok.

The mini-trend is this: One user of the app checks in while wearing a mask and proceeds to remove the mask to ask the lucky soul watching if he is fishing with a mask. In other words, is my face still beautiful?

Mask fishing is derived from the word cat fishing, which is when a person uses images of strangers to create a fictional online character in order to trick someone into starting a relationship by line.

While cat fishing is devilish in nature due to the intention of taking advantage of someone else, mask fishing does not have a nefarious connotation. How we look with a mask and what people think we look like without wearing it is beyond our control. If you happen to have an attractive top half of your face, you land a jackpot that no one thought they wanted before the pandemic. If your bottom half doesn’t match the bill, be prepared to disappoint once the mask comes off.

Seriously, our faces play a vital role in determining our level of attractiveness. There was even research this shows that the human brain has evolved to find favorable facial attractiveness.

“We can assume that there is an evolutionary reason behind our brain that likes to look and wants to look more at an attractive face,” said Olga Chelnokova, then a doctoral student. candidate at the University of Oslo in Norway.

A mask that covers the majority of the face, concealing notable features such as our mouth, jaw, and smile, interferes with our desire to look at someone cute.

Although mask fishing has TikTok origins, it is a phenomenon that occurs regularly in real life. Let’s say you are a student in class and you see someone who looks interesting in the eyes until they wear their mask. It is quite natural to be curious about the mysterious lower part of this person’s face. Similar scenarios can occur in hallways of university buildings, queuing for food, and any other indoor location where people are required to wear masks.

Mask fishing is a silly concept that seems to have only drawbacks due to the risk of a person getting masked fishing. However, there are some unexpected benefits. Sometimes it helps to have a reason to cover your face on certain days when you are not at home. If you don’t have time to shave or try to get your beard to connect, having a valid reason to cover up is fantastic. The same is true if you are having an acne breakout.

Another advantage of wearing a mask is that you are not so quickly found unattractive by someone you romantically approach. Personalities matter with or without masks, but we can’t pretend that pretty privileges don’t exist and our looks can’t make or break our chances of getting our shot off. It’s possible that wearing a mask on this first impression undermines the importance of beauty and gives the pursuer more time to woo her love with her charm.

It should also be borne in mind that it is plausible to want to wear a mask because of an unsafe feature. Everyone has insecurities in one form or another about their physical appearance, whether small or large. We constantly see beautiful people on social media and in real life, and we end up comparing ourselves to them in one way or another. Previous studies have shown that comparisons of any kind matter as much as 10% of our thoughts. So, wearing a mask can act as a temporary shield that makes us feel less concerned about anything we are unsure of. However, the real remedy for this kind of doubt is a positive self-image.

Finally, we can’t fail to explore the possibility of being stunned when the Mask Fish beats all the odds and looks better than expected. It’s very rare, but meeting someone who fits this description is a nice surprise to the person who is considering moving or getting moved.

Who knows how much longer we will rightfully be forced to wear a mask. But until one day we hit Future’s “Mask Off” as our faces see the light of day, let’s run away from the maskfish.

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