A woman “mortified” after a couple’s accident

Credit: TikTok

A woman remains “mortified” after a couple incident. The dating error has gone viral on TikTok.

A woman took to TikTok to explain how her date went wrong before it even started. Meag had planned to meet a man she met through the Hinge dating app. She was mortified when he made a mistake with a message.

Shortly before the couple met, he texted his friend. The message was sent to Meag in error, however. Meag took to TikTok and shared a video showing screenshots of the posts.

She captioned the video: “@hinge where’s my refund?”

Meag had struck up the conversation, “Let’s meet over there this time.” Are you OK ?

Her date replied, “Really understand. I have to prove that I’m not going to kill you, I guess.

The woman’s date then sent a message to her mate but sent it to him by mistake.

The date messaged his friend and included a screenshot of Meag’s Hinge profile. The message read: “My tmrw date,”

He added, “Don’t laugh. She is nice and has jokes but defiantly. “

Meag shared what happened next with his TikTok followers. She said: “I texted him the next day saying ‘yes I’m going to have to drop by’ and he let me read it. I never said anything.

The post went viral and thousands of comments poured in. One fan commented, “Never date someone who spells themselves this defiantly. I did it a lot longer than I should have.

Another TikTok user said, “Send him a screenshot and say ‘my date tomorrow. Don’t laugh, he definitely spells ‘deifying’ but say he won’t kill me.

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