Andrew Poore appointed General Manager of ANZ Sales at Pacific Optics


Andrew Poore has been appointed General Manager of Sales for Australia and New Zealand at Pacific Optics and will relocate to Australia to take on this role.

The role of General Sales Manager was previously held by Theo Foukkare for over 17 years until he was appointed the new CEO of the Australian Convenience Store Association (AACS).

Poore has a long history with Pacific Optics, which dates back to 2005. Most recently he worked as Managing Director of Signature Marketing NZ, which is the sister company of Pacific Optics based in New Zealand.

In his new role as Trans-Tasman, he will continue to lead the business in New Zealand while residing in Australia and leading the Australian National Accounts team.

Before Covid, in his role as managing director of the New Zealand company, Poore spent around a week per month in Australia, so he already knows the Australian market very well. But he can’t wait to go out and meet clients once he moves.

“For me, the priority is always client, client, client. And figure out what we can do to improve customer satisfaction and help them be more successful, ”said Poore. THIS.

“It’s about getting back to basics and really understanding what our client is looking for, because every client and their business is different.

“If we look back 20 years ago, you would go to a gas station and buy a cold drink and a chocolate. Today, gas stations can range from very high-end coffee to an automotive supplier. The channel is very varied, and it also differs from state to state. So I can’t wait to focus on each client and really understand their needs. Because our customers are our partners, and without our business partners, why do we do it? “

THIS asked Poore what he loved most about the convenience industry, and he said it was the challenge of staying ahead of an ever-changing market.

“Every business changes, but the convenience industry is still very reactionary,” he said. “In particular with our portfolio, like our technological products. Technology is changing at such a rapid rate that we need to make sure that we are bringing all of our products to market at exactly the right time for our customers. It’s the same with our sunglasses, which are constantly changing with styles, colors and lens variations.

“In general, the convenience industry is constantly evolving and I love the direction it is heading. Gas stations are now much more than just a place to grab a pie and a drink!

“Home delivery and delivery services will continue to grow rapidly. Our general merchandise products should be part of that grocery refill basket, especially as we see more and more people working from home. “

Regarding the challenges facing the channel, Poore says the biggest test is to continue to develop the convenience retail opportunity.

“We have benefited from the conversion of grocery shoppers to more regular convenience shoppers. So the next challenge is to increase the size of this opportunity, ”he says.

“The shift from being seen as a gas station with a convenience offering to now being seen as a true convenience retail destination is the greatest opportunity – and one with which we are here to help our customers. “

Poore officially started as General Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand on October 1 and will move as soon as the borders reopen.

“Building strong customer relationships is my passion and has been critical to the success of our business in New Zealand. I hope I can inspire my new team at Pacific Optics Australia to share this passion and that together we can continue to build strong and successful partnerships with our customers.

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