Aries behaves like a child while Gemini can be unpredictable, know how zodiac signs affect dating apps

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Aries behaves like a child while Gemini can be unpredictable, know how zodiac signs affect dating apps

You’re in a bar, drinking, hanging out with your friends, having a good time and someone comes up to you, makes a quirky joke a line or delivers a line that wows you … you think , “hmmm … sounds funny, but is he / she really witty in real life? Is the person compatible with your zodiac sign?” It can be difficult to judge someone’s sign in real life based solely on their appearance or opening line.

Here’s what each zodiac sign looks like on a dating app and how they behave when you like their profile. Read on to find out how each sign presents itself online:


The very well-known child of the zodiac, Aries exhibits traits that could be considered childish as well as childlike. They will seek instant gratification in regards to their needs. They will respond to you instantly but will also tell you if you are bothering them. Just like children, they are also full of energy and enthusiasm: they will be ready for any fun outing or socializing activity you throw at them. They are also innocent and not dictated by the ways of the world. Following their heart is what they know best and are often called fools for it, but make no mistake about it as it is just the brave side of their personality that comes through. Keep in mind that if they make a wish and ask you for a gift, you better be a genius and make it come true. Otherwise, be prepared to entertain their tantrums.


A Taurus is the kind of person who abides by government regulations and stays home with their family during the pandemic. Put on a show, give them their cats to cuddle, their surroundings to relax with, and they’re happy. Not to say that they don’t like to go out, they enjoy a drink at the club, a shopping trip and a picnic as much as the others, but what they appreciate the most are their relationships. A Taurus profile would be filled with hobbies that they enjoy in their life. It could be gardening, reading books or whatever, they will also make you part of their interests. If you’re looking for some security in your relationship, date a Taurus.


The twins of the zodiac, Gemini are also marked by their bubbly and capricious nature. They can be unpredictable and will leave you wondering what stage of the relationship you are at with them or if you are even in a relationship. If you’re looking for some determination and poise, Geminis won’t be the right choice, but if adaptability, versatility and liveliness are for you, then go for it. Don’t let the unstable nature of the panel put you off. Geminis are great conversationalists and will never let you get bored with their stories. Wondering what is the sign that connects all their social media accounts full of photos doing a ton of stuff? Now you know.


Recognized by a crab as their symbol, Cancers also have a personality mimicking the same. A rough exterior is full of ways to protect their soft side, such as hidden profile information, unanswered texts asking for their personal information, a few photos online, and unrelated social media. You might have a hard time researching their social accounts if you track them down before a date. But that’s Cancer for you and they do it to protect an extremely intuitive, empathetic, and emotional nature. Breaking down that hard, cold exterior will give way to a soft interior that belongs to a caregiver and an overly emotional person. They’ll take a long time to let you in, but once you become theirs, they won’t let you go and might even hold on to you.


A lion is known for its majestic nature, just like Lions. Everything they do in life is grand, fiery and extraordinary. The world really revolves around them if you ever ask their opinion. They will make an incredible impression on you with lavish parties, designer dresses and huge banquets in their photos. Their biography will also not be petty. Nothing they do in life is small. They will set a goal in their work and conquer it. They will see a person in their life and dress to impress them. They will throw a party and it will be the headlines the next day. With all that pomp also comes a huge ego that you better be careful not to hurt. A Leo will always be the first to message you and if bravery is what you’re looking for, swipe right.


One who is charmed by perfection; precision and processing are part of a Virgo’s innate personality. On a dating app, the error-free profile belongs to Virgos. Not only will they spend hours selecting photos, but they will also carefully choose the words mentioned in the bio because they are very detail oriented. They will read in your profile, the questions you answered and analyze, analyze, analyze. Plus, they also make great, supportive friends! If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, talk to a Virgo who will help you organize your thoughts and find a practical solution to them.


Say hello to the cutest sign of them all. Again, since it’s an air sign, they’re as loyal as Gemini (which isn’t very true). They might date other people until they are committed to you and who knows, date someone else in the evening after having lunch with you. But unlike Gemini, they strive for balance in all areas of life – be it relationships, work, friendships or relaxation. They also make excellent art critics and connoisseurs! They are not the kind of partners who would put too much energy into one area of ​​life and leave the others to fend for themselves. Seeking balance, they might put equal energy into other relationships, leaving their partner’s attention private.


Scorpios have a bad reputation for being the person who creates a dating profile just for a one-night stand. However, they are passionate and intuitive lovers too. Scorpios crave both physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy. They will understand your emotions without you needing to spell them out. They are mysterious, will keep you guessing but will continue to charm you with their sarcasm and humor. They are natural leaders so they are always the ones who decide where to meet and where to dine. It’s not easy to get them to settle down with one person but once they do, you can bet on their loyalty for life.


They tend to be passionate, optimistic, jovial and intellectual. Travel, travel, travel. They seek to know what lies beyond the horizon and explore it, not just visit the place for some photos to publish later. Not only that, they are also full of fun stories and look forward to deep and intellectual conversations. This is why they also make excellent teachers, lecturers and journalists. All of these traits also mean that Sags are not bound by material possessions. Want to have a philosophical conversation at any time of the day? Give them a like.


Capricorns are so career-focused! They think it’s good ways to figure out your purpose in life, work towards it, and then start dating. They will also not appreciate lateness, lazy attitude, punctuality and unruly behavior in you. They might start the conversation about your accomplishments in life and expect you to not be late for the date. Some might find this too much, but the goat keeps pushing until it reaches the top of the mountain (read workaholics), but they will also spend their percent in the relationship. Once you live up to their standards, expect nothing but loyalty.


They are bursting with new ideas and thoughts every minute and also entertain any ideas that are thrown at them. They are eccentric, they know it and are proud of it. Want to know a weird fact or just tell something weird that happened to you today? An Aquarius will want to know! They are rebellious and eccentric and want to change the world. The way to their hearts is to let them be themselves and not control their weirdness. Their profile might not be appealing to most people, but if you have a taste for something weird and like a picture of an earthworm as a toothbrush, this is the person. you need.


Like other water signs, Pisces are also very emotional. They will want to test you out and have lots of conversations before asking you out. They won’t reveal everything in their bio (scaly fish exterior), but they’ll bring it to the inbox and they’ll draw you in with their deep conversations. They are creative, they are artists. They are ruled by the planet Neptune, so fantasy and creativity are part of their personality. After such, they will definitely start dreaming about you. Chances are a Pisces is more likely to be a painter, writer, or musician and that would work on you. Caveat: Pisces can hold grudges and be easily swayed in matters of the heart.

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