Billie Eilish apologizes following recent backlash against racist remarks and use of Asian slurs


On Monday, June 21, Billie Eilish took to Instagram to apologize for the continued backlash she received after weeks of controversy.

The 19-year-old was recently criticized for allegedly making fun of Asian accents and making racial slurs like “ch ** k” in a TikTok video that resurfaced online. It came days after many people accused Billie Eilish of “queerbaiting” in her new music video for “Lost Cause”.

Additionally, the public got angry with the singer after she allegedly started dating Matthew Tyler Vorce, known for publicly making racist remarks on Twitter.

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Billie Eilish apologizes

The songwriter posted an apology in his Instagram Stories on Monday. Eilish started off by saying she loved her fans and claimed the drama was something she “wanted” to tackle:

“I love you guys, and a lot of you have asked me to address this. This is something I WANT to address because I’m labeled as something I’m not.”

Billie Eilish then discussed the resurfaced TikTok video, in which she was in her early teens.

“There is a video of me when I was 13 or 14, where I said a word from a song that I didn’t know at the time was a derogatory term used against members of the Asian community. I am dismayed and embarrassed and want to throw up that I ever said that word. “

Subsequently, Billie claimed that she had “no excuses” and was just “playing the fool”.

Billie Eilish ended the lengthy apology by saying she didn’t intend any of her past actions to hurt her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want any of my actions to have harmed others, and it breaks my heart that it is now labeled in a way that could cause pain to those who are there. ‘hear, but I have always worked hard to use my platform to strive for inclusion, kindness, tolerance, fairness and equality. “

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish’s apology on her Instagram Stories, where the star says she is “so sorry” (Image via Billie Eilish, Instagram)

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Fans still mad at Billie Eilish

Followers took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the star despite her apologies.

Many pointed out that the teenager did not include an apology for the alleged queerbaiting that occurred in her music video for Lost Cause.

Although Billie Eilish has just publicly apologized, it looks like a lot of her fans quickly left to no longer support her. It remains to be seen what the consequences of his former behavior will bring to his work and personal life.

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