Bundeswehr general sees concrete military threat to Germany

Bundeswehr General-in-Chief Martin Schelleis has warned of serious military threats against Germany. “We are threatened and attacked,” the lieutenant general told the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” on Friday.

“Basically, we already have a war: war in the information space, cyberattacks. Schelleis is an armed forces base inspector and national territory commander of the Bundeswehr.

The lieutenant general cited “selective attacks on critical infrastructure, for example by special forces, with drones or speedboats, to disrupt our livelihoods, among other military means”, as “realistic scenarios”. For this, “we are not well positioned”, warned Schelleis. “I’m sorry to say that.”

In addition, the commander said, there are threats such as possible ballistic missile strikes that Russia has deployed in the Kaliningrad region. “They have now been withdrawn because of the war in Ukraine, but they will definitely come back,” he said. “These missiles could easily reach Berlin. The way Putin is to be assessed, blackmail attempts are quite conceivable.”

The commander of the Bundeswehr’s second-largest organizational unit, responsible for all its logistics, complained that the Bundestag had long failed to adequately fund clearly defined national and alliance defense needs.

“It was simply not seriously believed that the Bundeswehr could again be called upon on a large scale or even have to be deployed,” he said. “That’s why the deficits were accepted. Now we have a huge backlog.”

Photo by Diego Gonzalez

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