Couple Have Open Marriage After Wife Walks Out And Starts Dating

A woman has come out as bisexual with her husband of nine years but remains happily married to the father of her two children while dating a woman. Melanie Morton, 31, revealed she was struggling with her sexuality and broached the idea of ​​an open marriage last year with husband AJ, 35, whom she married in January 2013.

AJ was supportive of his wife’s desire to explore her sexuality – and encouraged her to date other women, even helping her sign up for the dating app Hinge. Melanie met Jackie Olson, 26, a sales and marketing assistant, in June 2021 via the app and the couple hit it off with Jackie becoming Melanie’s girlfriend – before meeting AJ and their two children, aged eight and six years.

While online entrepreneur AJ is also free to date outside of their marriage, Melanie believes he’s more “wired for monogamy”. But the trio have successfully embarked on an open relationship, despite AJ and Jackie being “just friends” who “don’t mind sharing”.

Melanie says her kids adore Jackie, but so far she’s only been introduced as a friend of the family – although Melanie plans to tell them the truth this summer. Melanie, an online entrepreneur, said: “I was struggling with my sexuality, but I knew I loved AJ, I just didn’t know what to do.

“I wanted to explore the opening of our marriage and AJ was so supportive. I’m so glad we did because I met Jackie and she’s amazing.

“AJ can see how happy Jackie makes me – and that makes him happy. He could also date other people, but he seems happy with things as they are.

“Luckily it works for us and we have grown so much as people and individuals because of it.”

Melanie explained how she made the first move by messaging Jackie. She said: “I took the plunge and said ‘hello’. We had a real spark – we’ve talked every day since.

“On our first date, we went for a walk on the beach, drank tea and watched a movie together. For me, being with a woman was such a crazy feeling and I felt like I could finally being me.

“Something I was missing was found and it felt like a hole had been filled.”

Jackie said: “I thought Melanie was really cool, very pretty and we instantly connected. She told me straight away that she was married and in an open relationship and that the last girl I saw was polyamorous, that wasn’t new to me, so I was open to the idea.

“At first I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted – it was scary for all of us, but over time I realized I was so happy and there was so much love in the relationship.”

Jackie admitted she was initially worried about meeting Melanie’s husband for the first time. She said: “We met after Melanie and I had been dating for a month and a half and I was terrified.

“I knew how important AJ was to Melanie, so I wanted him to love me.”

But despite her fears, Jackie and AJ have formed a strong friendship and they enjoy spending time together as a threesome and apart from Melanie. AJ said: “We are often asked if we are involved in a romantic relationship, but we are not.

“Jackie and I have a great relationship and huge respect for each other and we have a friendship that exists separately from our relationship with Melanie. We even go out once a month to spend some time getting to know each other.

The father-of-two said jealousy plays no role in relationships despite what many friends, family and social media followers think.
He said: “Melanie is doing a really good job spending time with both of us.

“There is no jealousy. We have a good base which is even stronger than before – it has been very expansive for our relationship.

Melanie says communication is key to the success of their open marriage – to ensure everyone’s needs are met. She said: “It’s a new dynamic for everyone.

“It’s hard to balance everyone’s needs, but we’re comfortable and we communicate. I have completely separate relationships – there’s AJ and me and then there’s Jackie and me – so the three of us have a very different relationship.”

Currently, Jackie spends about three nights a week and most weekends with the couple. Melanie said: ‘The three of us hang out a lot – we’re not about to have a separate schedule so the three of us like to watch horror movies, we go to the beach together, go out to dinner and just enjoy different activities like ax throwing and escape rooms.”

Jackie also got to know Melanie and AJ’s sons, but so far she’s only been introduced to the couple’s children as Melanie’s friend. However, Melanie and AJ plan to tell them the truth when their school year ends this summer.

Melanie said: “The kids and Jackie are getting closer and they’re really comfortable with each other. So AJ and I discussed it and decided that we would have a very casual conversation with the kids this summer without making it a big deal.

“I also wouldn’t want them to think I’m hiding anything from them. We want to talk to them about different types of relationships, making sure they know that families can look different.

Over the past few months, Melanie has started sharing her experience on her TikTok account @melanie_morton_ and she’s amassed over 50,000 followers. While many are supportive and curious about the trio’s setup, the mother-of-two has also received criticism from viewers.

She said: “Some people on social media have accused me of being ‘greedy’ and wanting more attention. But that’s just not true – both relationships have different goals and that’s not true. isn’t selfish, there’s more family, love, connection and community – that’s what we’re creating.

“It’s not someone else’s relationship either. Some people say “I don’t understand”, but it’s really up to no one to “understand”.

“It works for us, so it doesn’t matter what other people think.”

Melanie revealed her family and friends were skeptical of the arrangement and preferred not to hear details about it. Melanie said she only came out to her mother after she mistakenly found a photo of Jackie and her kiss on Melanie’s phone.

She said: “I hadn’t planned for it to happen this way, but it was nice to not have to hide or pretend anymore. It was a shock to my mother and the rest of my family because we then had to tell them about our open marriage, and they were a little surprised and confused.

“AJ’s family was worried and just worried about all the unknowns. But they’re all processing it and getting used to it.

On the same day, Jackie decided to come out to her parents and while her mother already knew, her father was surprised by the news. She said: “I had wanted to come out for a while – about two years.

“It felt like a very long time to come and it was hard to do, but I’m glad I did it. It’s definitely going to take my dad some time to get used to the idea, but I know that he will be fine.

Although she drew some criticism from some social media users, Melanie continued to share her story to bring the concept of an open relationship into the mainstream. She said: “I came out as a 30 year old poly and bi married woman with two children.

“Something didn’t come true to me but when I met a woman that sexuality clicked for me. I just want people to wake up and wonder if they are happy and if their relationship is not not exactly what they want or doesn’t meet some different needs and wants, so I want people to know that it’s OK to do something a little different, even if it means people won’t understand .

“It’s not weird. This is perfectly normal.

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