Criminal convicted of running anti-vax dating site in Australia

A salacious dating site for unvaccinated singles was discovered to be run by a man convicted of a violent assault on a police officer.

As reported by B&T, the PureMatch dating site is aimed at self-anointed medical experts, conspiracy theorists and half-baked freedom warriors. Let’s just say anti-vaccines that are single and ready to mingle without protection.

Although it has now been revealed that Anthony Pinna, the man who runs PureMatch, has faced charges of rioting, assaulting a police officer as well as several Covid and drug related offenses.

Australian reports, that in November, Pinna, 26, was convicted of hitting a police officer on the head during an illegal demonstration in July.

Court documents obtained from the Australian indicate that during the assault the victim was alone and surrounded by large numbers of assailants as she attempted to arrest a protester.

The court documents stated: “Due to the violent actions of the accused, this person escaped police custody. “

“The accused hit (the) senior constable on (the back) of (the) head, causing him to fall to the ground. This act highlights the violent character of the accused and his hatred of the police.

Pinna is currently appealing his convictions.

Compounding Pinna’s woes, in a search warrant for a two-bedroom apartment in western Sydney that he shared with his mother, they found magic mushrooms and anabolic steroids in a safe.

While Pinna is personally in deep trouble, the PureMatch website has also been criticized by Robert Potter, cybersecurity expert and Internet 2.0 co-CEO.

He said: “There are no terms and conditions on the website.”

“There is no indication as to how this company will use this data once you provide it. “

All of these issues aside, even on the anti-vax dating platform the question remains, could Pinna himself actually find a date?

Some suggest that a 26-year-old man who lives with his mother in an apartment with mushrooms and steroids hidden with a slew of pending criminal charges could remain unlucky in love.

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