Delhi: 24-year-old man stabbed to death by friends in Shahdara, 2 detained

A 24-year-old man was allegedly assaulted and stabbed to death in broad daylight in Shahdara in Delhi by three of his friends on Wednesday.

Police said the victim, identified as Shahrukh (24), was suspected of dating the sister of one of the accused. The trio found out about the relationship and killed him at a market in the Old Seemapuri neighborhood around 5 p.m., police said.

Two of the defendants, identified as Zuber and Aditya, were arrested, police said. The third accused Zafar is on the run.

Video of the incident shot by one of the locals shows the accused dragging Shahrukh outside a store in a market. One of the accused stabs and beat him while another takes a metal chair and hits him. Shahrukh tries to resist the attack but the trio take turns and brutally attack him with weapons and the chair. No one in the crowd is showing up to help according to the video.

Shahrukh was rushed to GTB Hospital, but doctors pronounced him dead.

R Sathiyasundaram, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Shahdara), said: “We formed several teams and raided the area to catch the accused. In one day our team caught two men – Zuber and Aditya. They are residents of Seemapuri and known to the victim.

During questioning, Zuber told police he had an argument after realizing Shahrukh was dating his sister. He was upset with the relationship and confronted Shahrukh and got into a fight with his friend and killed him.

After the incident, Zuber fled to Shaheed Nagar in Uttar Pradesh to hide from the police. He was arrested near the house of a relative. Aditya was arrested in Delhi early Thursday.

Meanwhile, Shahrukh’s family, who live in Seemapuri, have denied claims that their son is dating the sister of one of the accused. They said he worked at a neighborhood tailor and that the three accused were his friends.

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