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Chapter 268 of Diamond without Ace Act II, entitled “The Avatar of Loneliness“, was the last chapter released for this manga.

This chapter has demonstrated the pure energy of the Narumiya beasts. Its 150 km / h pitch is the highlight, and it’s just getting started. If Narumiya had been intimidating earlier, Seidou would have found it hard to cope. It’s going to be exciting to see Kazuya take on Narumiya when he comes to bat.

How will Seidou face Inajitsu’s ace, Narumiya? We will find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 269 Discussions and Predictions

In the previous chapter, we saw Narumiya go brutal by throwing a warm-up throw at 150 km / h before taking the lead in Seidou’s roster. We also saw how hard Narumiya trained. Sometimes he seems to be born talented, but this chapter has shown us his hard work and determination.

Chapter 269 will begin with Kuramochi beating against Narumiya. Kazuya also talked about having a bad feeling somehow, so it will also be addressed. In addition, Furuya no longer has the pressure to be the ace, so his throws will be much better.

Chapter 269 of the manga Diamond without Ace Act II will be released today, Thursday 11 November 2021. However, the title of the chapter has not yet been released.

Where to read Diamond no Ace Act II

The first 28 volumes of the first season of Diamond without Ace Act II can be read online on BookWalker.

The official online launch of the second season is not available. However, we encourage our readers to refrain from pirated sites that do not support the industry or the creators of the series.

We will notify you of the official release of Diamond no Ace Act II as soon as it is released, so be sure to keep in touch with us.

Summary of Chapter 268

The chapter begins with Seidou High’s attack in the second and ends with the elimination of Toujou on a volley in the middle of the field for the third out. At the end of the second, Inajitsu’s attack will begin. Sanada returns, saying he’s also curious about the outcome.

In the first round of the inning, Narumiya walked with four balls and Tadano, the batter behind him, struck to pass the runner. Yabe is struck out, and now it’s two strikeouts with a runner in the second, and Jinguji is on the batting zone.

Jinguji continues to persevere and hits the first ball. He sees straight through the outside corner of Furuya’s field, and that translates to another base. With that, Inajitsu has runners on first and second, and Kazuya has a bad feeling despite Furuya’s good pitch.

The ninth hitter is Ezaki, who decides to target balls that exceed his size. The batter soon retired on the fly in the second, and it’s three outs. Although Inajitsu has two runners, Seidou still manages to lose zero races.

Inajitsu’s pitch starts early and Narumiya is in full throttle mode with a punch. Itsuki notices how Narumiya perfects the tones he already had in his repertoire, remembering the mission he set for himself last year.

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