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From a student who made her first music video in over a month to a seasoned professional who shot five short films in three days, Sonia Bajaj has come a long way and has evolved not only as a visionary director but also as a as a creative storyteller. His films cover a wide range of topics, from serial encounters to zombie surprises.

Bajaj has directed and produced over ten short films. They have won nominations and awards at prestigious film festivals, such as the Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival, the World-Fest Houston International Film Festival, the San Diego International Film Festival, the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival and many more. ‘others. His mantra for success remains the same – keep pushing forward and inspiring his viewers with strong characters and storylines.

Her own experiences fuel her admiration for stories focused on women as a woman of color in the United States. When asked what inspires her to pursue a career in film, Bajaj said: “Fewer opportunities for female storytellers and issues such as unequal pay and cultural and racial under-representation. are what inspires me to tackle such themes. For some, “women’s empowerment” stops being just a phrase. As a filmmaker from a predominantly patriarchal setup, my passion is to show what an empowered woman can do. How it can empower society as a whole.

One of those stories is his short film Pink, which Bajaj is developing into a feature film. The tale depicts the story of a woman trapped in an abusive relationship and how she takes responsibility for herself. Bajaj will direct and produce the feature in collaboration with Atlanta, Georgia-based Craig Miller Productions. “Pink is a story close to my heart. In Pink, I see a strong, strong woman who has a lot of chances against her, including her own emotions, ”says Bajaj.

Self-taught woman who took the plunge, Bajaj continues to dominate film festival circuits globally, bringing pride to her country and those close to her, telling stories close to her heart. “With every story I write, I aim to strike a chord with my viewers, to appeal to different sensibilities and emotions. After all, cinema is an art, a mode of expression. It’s a conversation between the storyteller and the viewer, ”says Bajaj.

As her feature debut ‘Black Rose’ hits the set in the coming months, she shares, “My goal to film all over the world and provide women and underrepresented communities with a platform. to share their stories. This is what inspires me the most, as a designer.

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