Genesis opened their home in New York, it’s a Korean oasis


Usually, car manufacturers’ showrooms are just large spaces where cars are strewn here and there, and salespeople try to get in touch with their customers. Then, depending on the brand, customers are invited to sit down and have a coffee or a drink, or simply invited to take a test drive with one of the fully loaded vehicles. Premium brands have a slightly different approach. First of all, they have specific standards on the appearance of their showrooms. But Genesis took that to a different level.

First, the Korean automaker hired a Seoul-based architecture firm to design this space. The result is a distinct look that highlights six specific areas, only one of which is reserved for the showroom. It will open on November 19, in the heart of New York.

Visitors will have the opportunity to try Korean cuisine at the Genesis House Restaurant. It is a branch of the star restaurant Onjium and a cultural institute in Seoul. Everything here is designed to represent the Korean noble class, and they served unique recipes dating back to the 1300s.

While some may not like Asian food, they can try the tea pavilion. This is a veranda-like area with floor seating where guests are greeted by designated hosts. The pavilion features motifs from the Korean chaekgado painting style. Thus, they could better understand the design inspiration that led to today’s Genesis limousines. Of course, there is a whole tea ceremony at the tea pavilion. It’s not like guests are getting a disposable cup with a Lipton tea bag inside.

As expected, the centerpiece of the Genesis house is the showroom. But, unlike other automakers, here guests are invited to view framed vehicles, which are presented as art, not vehicles. It’s a bold approach where visitors could become customers.

Genesis created a cellar scene with LED-lit staging. It is equipped with audio-video technology, representing one of the main pillars of the evolution of the car manufacturer. This space is used for launches, exhibitions and various events.

The Genesis House Library is the next place where visitors can better understand the philosophy behind the Korean premium brand. This space is organized by the publisher LVMH Assouline and Arumjigi, who take care of the Tea House. They have acquired distinctive Korean books, and in addition, the publisher will launch two books that will showcase Korean culture in cooking and tea.

Finally, the Terrace Garden is an 882 square meter (9,493 square feet) area surrounded by traditional Korean scenery, but overlooking the Hudson River.

By creating such a beautiful place, Genesis is raising the bar for hospitality. No more “Hello, how can I help you” followed by that “you can’t afford this car” look that I have seen so many times in various showrooms. Genesis may not be the sales winner in the Premium segment, but it tries to create a more enjoyable and unique shopping experience.

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