Hamza reveals he won’t be returning to the franchise

Hamza Moknii shocked 90 Day Fiancé viewers on Instagram by explaining that he won’t be returning for a new season after his split from Memphis.

Tunisian 90 day fiance Star Hamza Moknii appears to have quit the TLC show after Memphis Sandoval confirmed their split on Instagram. Despite being a newbie in the franchise, Hamza has become a fan favorite since his debut in 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 5. Hamza, 26, had met his future wife Memphis, 34, on an international dating site, and the couple married on their first trip to their home country. Less than a week after their wedding, Memphis realized she was pregnant with Hamza’s baby. The two weeks turned life upside down for Hamza and Memphis, but the future ended up being even scarier.


It wasn’t long before Hamza arrived in America on his spousal visa. He talked about moving to Memphis five weeks after giving birth to their baby girl. Memphis was prepared to financially support Hamza with her nurse practitioner salary before she flew to Tunisia. But after meeting Hamza in person, she developed major trust issues. Fans predicted a split was in store for the 90 day fiance couple who are exactly what Memphis has alluded to through various Instagram stories about abuse, narcissism and even “bezness.” When Memphis was like “#single motherIn one of her posts, Hamza’s sister Rawia simultaneously revealed that Hamza is no longer staying with Memphis and her daughter.

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Hamza was spotted in Chicago, and it looks like he’s trying to get into a modeling career. Amid Hamza posting shirtless selfies or photos of himself posing in the Windy City, he often cries on Instagram that he can’t see his daughter. But Hamza’s latest Instagram Story is confusing, as it suggests he won’t be returning to the franchise anytime soon. “I wish all my friends on the show a good season,said Hamza in her Instagram statement. He said sorry to all the TLC viewers who wanted to see him another season after. Before 90 days.

Hamza Instagram married Memphis baby leaving 90 day fiancé

I wish I could go on“, added Hamza apologizing to his fans. He thanked them for all their love and support. Blogger @truecrime_jankie reposted Hamza’s apology and TLC viewers slammed Hamza calling him “queen of drama.They made fun of Hamza for posting selfies and even said they weren’t even looking forward to him coming back. Fans wondered if it was Hamza and Memphis’ mutual decision to leave the show. In March, a fan claimed to have spotted Hamza and Memphis filming in Michigan with their baby in tow and the 90 day fiance film crew present. Fans suspected it was 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? they were filming.

Hamza’s ex-wife Memphis has been speaking badly about the show ever since she 90 day fiance beginning. She even called the show “the work of the devil” and, according to a leaked video, Memphis left the Tell-All because a cameraman allegedly spotted her breastfeeding her baby. Memphis may have its own reasons for pulling out of the show. But in May, Hamza asked fans not to make assumptions about his personal life as they would soon find out. Fans expected it to be a new 90 day fiance spin-off that would have given them answers about what happened to Hamza and Memphis after he arrived in the United States. But in all likelihood, the mystery could be solved once Hamza is released from his contract in case he really says goodbye to the franchise for good.

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Source: Hamza Moknii/Instagram, @truecrime_jankie/Instagram

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