He Asked A Girl Out After Matching Her Through A Dating App, But He Refused To Pay For Her When The Check Came – Chip Chick

A 26-year-old man met a 24-year-old girl named Kyla through a dating app they both used, and they exchanged a few messages afterward.

Things kind of fell apart before they could even really get started, and they quickly stopped talking to each other on the app.

Several months after he matched Kyla on the app, he met her at a wedding. He was friends with the newlyweds, just like Kyla.

He talked a lot with Kyla that night at the wedding, and he really thought they hit it off. He decided to ask the newlyweds for Kyla’s number later, and he got it.

He spent the next few weeks after the wedding texting Kyla and then asking her out on a date. They were planning to have drinks and dinner, but at the last moment Kyla canceled it.

Just 10 minutes before he was set to meet Kyla, she claimed “something happened” and she couldn’t date him again.

He told Kyla everything was fine, but in the days that followed, she was dragging her feet texting him and seemed completely disinterested.

Then Kyla just stopped responding to him and he thought it was best to go on with his life and forget about her.

A week after deciding to do it, Kyla called him to apologize, before asking if she could date him.

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