Here’s How to Perfect Your Dating Profile and Get More Matches


Your favorite color is blue and chole bhature is your ultimate cheat meal. On your phone Prateek Kuhad is playing on loop and you just went vegan because you care about the environment and climate change. Not sure if this information should be on your dating profile or should you just stick to the base age and city?

If you’re a veteran or new to the online dating world, it’s important to know that your profile gives people insight into who you really are and encourages them to contact and get to know you. Finding the perfect dating profile can seem like an impossible task, and deciding what to say about yourself on your bio is even more difficult, but OkCupid has a cheat sheet to make your profile as adorable as you are! Simply changing your photo or bio every now and then and keeping your profile up to date with what’s important to you will speed up the process which will bring you closer to finding your type of love!

Take note of these 5 top tips that will help you unleash the true potential of your profile and find love online:

A picture is worth a thousand words or more: Upload a variety of photos (more than just selfies!) Even if it’s an Earth Day walk, the Pride Walk or a visit to a chocolate factory, let yourself be guided by a variety of images. In fact, OkCupid data suggests photos that include animals are 3 times more likely to grab attention. Well, now is the time to show off your furry little friends to the world!

More complete profiles, more matches: It’s estimated that one in 3 dating app users don’t update their dating app profile once they’ve created it – but if you add a new photo or story, most Dating apps treat you like a new person and the algorithm goes into high gear, showing you MORE people. People who complete their profile get 200% more matches. Remember that you will be removing whatever you put in dating apps from dating apps, so put some love in the search for love.

Keep your bios short but away from the clichés: The show doesn’t say anything – instead of describing yourself with adjectives, talk about the things you love and enjoy doing, but make sure it’s short and sweet. You can skip writing a thesis on yourself, but instead choose original biographies. They’re great conversation starters, but snaps like #wanderlust might be a big no-no, but your favorite OTT show would scream YES!

Go beyond a simple “Hey”: Send meaningful messages to start conversations; keep them around 140 characters and avoid saying “hey”. Saying “hi” in a first message, unless you are a Hollywood star, is almost like saying nothing and has a 92% chance of being completely ignored. Users take time and effort to update their profiles, and a simple “hello” might just indicate that you barely bothered to look at their profile. Don’t waste your chance to love with just three alphabets.

Stay active: You certainly don’t want to be a serial date, but many apps put your profile to sleep if you don’t continue for more than two weeks, which means they stop showing you people. Going into hibernation mode is a huge red flag and you can boost your likes up to 3 times when you log in every day.

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