Here’s Why You Should Start Dating Outside Your Type

There are reasons why we are attracted to a specific type of person. Maybe you’re attracted to people with dark hair or a certain height, but evolution could play a part in that thinking. In fact, Dr. Shannon Curry, a clinical psychologist, told Brides, “At the beginning of human existence, life was short and brutal.” Partner selection was based on survival rather than the search for a “meaningful and fulfilling relationship”. When you’re determined to only date your type, you might “limit” yourself by judging the person and preventing yourself from meeting someone who could make you truly happy.

Additionally, Connell Barrett, a dating coach, told Elite Daily, “One benefit of dating someone outside of your type is to grow and learn.” Suppose you keep your options limited to your type. In this case, you could repeat the same cycle and prevent yourself from meeting someone who offers a different perspective on life to help you “broaden your romantic horizons”. Cosmopolitan shared that “detype” will be a big dating trend in 2022, citing Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship as an example.

Even Badoo, a dating app, shared that “three-quarters of singles are looking to ditch their ‘type’ for 2022.” Maybe dating “your type” for years hasn’t worked out for some reason and is keeping you from finding your person — and you need a reset. You never know what’s out there, so opening yourself up to new possibilities could help you find your soul mate.

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