How does the hinge work? The best features of the dating app, explained

Handcuff season: a time to relax on your phone and half-heartedly search for love while you see each other again Vacations. Depending on what you’re looking for, finding someone worthy of a shared sofa space can be all down to the app. When Hinge first appeared in the dating app market in 2012, it stood out for its unique ability to find people you have mutual friends with, but don’t know and who you actually could. to like. Mutual Gossip is a great icebreaker – but the concept of mixing Facebook up with fun isn’t everyone’s idea of ​​low key.

Fast forward to 2021, Hinge won’t blow up your place as a DL dateer if you don’t want to link your Facebook. The app’s algorithm is good enough to send you potential matches who don’t know you, but probably know someone you know. This network of interconnections gives the experience of the application the impression of stepping out into a community, rather than being in a vacuum.

Hinge stands out from the cluttered realm of dating apps in other ways. It invites users to make deep connections and allows them to shine with photos, text, audio and video so that their profiles are more multidimensional. In October 2021, Hinge released a feature that TikTokers particularly likes: vocal notes. With the update, users can respond to prompts such as “I’m with me, it’s like” or “I recently found out” using their voice, allowing potential matches to know them a little more intimately. .

Here’s how to settle into Hinge to find the love of your life, a fun person to share a burger with this weekend, or a hilarious vocal note that will make you famous on TikTok.

How? ‘Or’ What Configure your hinge profile


Hinge can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. If you want to use specialized features, such as filters for substance use and size, or access unlimited daily tastes, you can go for the Preferred Hinge subscription, which costs $ 29.99 for a month, 59 , $ 99 for three months or $ 89.99 for six months. You can sign up through Facebook to give your friends access to the app (so the app knows to avoid them), or you can log in with your phone number to start over.

Then you’ll have the option to add a ton of basic information, which you can choose to show on your profile or hide. The initiation questions easily start with your name – your last name is optional and will only be revealed on matches – email, birthday, location, pronouns, and sexuality. Then it moves on to more intimate matters, such as your feelings about children, religious beliefs, substance use, and political affiliation. Once you have all the general information squared (or ignored), you can move on to the fun part: the prompts.

If you want to edit anything about your profile, tap the profile icon in the lower right corner, then tap the pencil icon to edit. You can also update your preferences, like where you live, who interests you and your member preferences, like what you’re looking for, which you only have access to if you upgrade to a paid account. You can also go to your account settings, like choosing to view your active status or suspend your subscription if you like someone you’re dating or need a break from life sweeping.

How to use prompts on the hinge


One of the main reasons Hinge is different from other dating apps is that, rather than swiping right across a person’s entire profile, you can like or respond to their responses at any of their prompts. , by setting up an instant conversation.

According to Haley, 24, a New Yorkerdigital marketer, Hinge prompts are the key to really getting to know people on the app. “It’s a great way to break the ice and see if you really have things in common,” she says. “I had the most success with the album” What is an album without skipping? ” “Quick because it’s a great way to start a conversation or discover a new artist,” she told Bustle.

However, there are good and bad ways to use prompts on Hinge. While comical or sarcastic responses to prompts may catch Haley’s attention, she says there’s a fine line between being funny and being rude. “I see a lot of guys talking about what they don’t want rather than focusing on the positive, and that’s definitely a wake-up call for me! Haley also notes that overly sexualized responses in PG prompts, such as “Fun facts about me …” can be interpreted as a red flag. “It’s a big blow,” she said.

How to add voice prompts in the hinge

Hinge’s new voice prompts feature lets you respond to a prompt with your real voice, stepping off the screen and creating an impression that is as realistic as possible. “It’s nice to hear what someone’s voice sounds like, and the voice prompt also helps show personality (or lack thereof),” said Melissa, 26, a Vancouver-based nutritionist.

And while Hinge users say voice notes can be very helpful in getting to know someone better, they often come much closer to an unbearable annoyance. Eleanor, 28, a Los Angeles-based creative director, said that while there have been some very funny viral voice prompts circulating on TikTok, most of them are “so cringe.”

To record your own voice prompt, go to your profile, then tap Select prompt under Voice prompt. Choose from a list ranging from captivating prompts, like “A shower I thought I recently took” to spicy prompts like “Let’s discuss this topic.” You have 30 seconds to save your response, and once you tap Done, it will be shared on your profile. You can delete them at any time. “Be as authentic as possible. The main thing is to be yourself,” Eleanor says.

How to Refine Your Hinge Preferences

When you complete your Hinge Profile for the first time, you will be presented with Hinge Members of all attributes. This means that you might see someone who lives 100 miles away and has a lot of what you consider to be dealbreakers in their profile. To narrow your search, head to the filter icon in the upper right corner and adjust the settings to only show you potential matches that match your preferences. There you can choose to see only people with matching family plans, or of certain sizes, political parties, or ages. You can change these filters at any time, as well as update your own responses.

For Haley, filters are crucial because they help keep both parties from wasting time. “I filter my region and my very small age range and I also filter a lot of religions – if that was something very important to my partner that I didn’t already have, it would kind of be a non-starter – and I also filter people who don’t want kids, ”she said.

Start interacting with potential matches

When you open the app, you’ll see what the algorithm considers your most compatible daily match, plus a carousel of profiles that match your filters. You can only like up to eight users per day if you have a free account, so you won’t spend too much time swiping. You can tell someone you really love them by sending them a rose (Bachelor nation, a lot?); you get a free rose every sunday, but you can buy more if you need. You’ll also find 10 user prompts that the app thinks you’ll like, based on your settings, in your Standouts feed. To interact, you can like and comment on prompts or photos. The app will send the unresponsive person a ‘Your turn’ notification to minimize accidental ghosting. If you want to chat more before meeting in person, you can also video chat or send voice notes in the chat feature of the app.

If your conversations are organically failing with certain users, Hinge will hide them after two weeks to keep your inbox tidy and active. So if you love someone, or think you might love them, don’t take a nap on the wire.

Fill out your “We Met” survey on Hinge

According to an email sent to Bustle by Hinge, it’s the only dating app that rates users’ date success. The app will contact you a few days after your appointment with a “We Met” survey. The in-app survey will ask each person privately if a) they’ve been on a date and b) if they’re the type of person they’d like to see again. When you complete the survey, Hinge will use the data to try to refine the accuracy of the next round of potential matches they send you, using your feelings on the date as a guide. So if you want a more solid match set, then it’s up to you to fill it out.

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