How ‘hard dates’ can keep us from wasting time on dates in 2022

Angelica says the pandemic has definitely made her more direct when it comes to dating. “We’ve lost two years of relationship opportunities, so coming out of that I think a lot of people are making up for lost time and don’t want to waste any more,” she says. Stylist.

“Life is so busy it seems really precious. People who were single during the pandemic and looking for a partner don’t feel like they have time for this ambiguity of weird situations. And those who have experienced breakups because of the lockdown now clearly know what they expect from future partners. “

Emma * also adopted the principles of difficult dating after joining the Feeld app following a break-up. “I’ve found that people are more candid about what they want in the traditional sense of the word, indicating whether they are open to a regular relationship or a relationship,” she explains.

“There is no jealousy, no conversations about exclusivity and no thinking about the future of the relationship. You enjoy the time you spend together, as long as you choose to see each other.

The app, which allows individual, couple, and group accounts for polyamorous people, encourages its users to be “honest with themselves while being responsible to others.”

“I’ve never really been around men who are so aware of consent, limits, and making everyone feel comfortable. You can search whatever you want; there is neither pressure nor judgment, ”continues Emma. “Everyone talks directly about their wants and what they’re looking for, including people with existing open relationships. He’s so mature and open and has shown me that sex is always a meaningful part of self-learning, even when it’s relaxed.

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