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Sherri Berger is on the market! The 55-year-old talk show opened up about being ready to date during an appearance on View Tuesday, June 28. Sherri opened up about her love life, as she returned to the hot topics table, as the show celebrates its 25th season in the Bahamas! During the show, Ana Navarre asked what her dating plans were and she revealed that she was looking to meet someone. “I’m single and ready to mingle, but no marriage!” she said, like Whoopi Goldberg tried to intervene. Sherri explained, “I’ve been single for four and a half years!”

Along with revealing that she’s looking to get back there, Sherri opened up about her experiences trying out dating apps like Raya (which Chris Rock helped her check). Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as well as expected. “I’ve been ghosted three times,” she said.

Sherri revealed she was looking to date for the first time in nearly 5 years on “The View.” (Shutterstock)

Although she’s been ghosted a few times, she also revealed that she had a brief fling with an OBGYN, which she wasn’t even sure was real. “He didn’t have time. He just gave birth,” she said. “I didn’t know if I was a victim of catfishing. I thought it was a 15-year-old boy in a cabin in Switzerland with a computer. Even though the relationship didn’t work out with the doctor, Sherri said it had its perks. “Guess what? We didn’t work out, but I’m getting free pap smears and breast exams!” she joked.

Sherri has repeatedly joked about being single on View. When she returned as a guest host in October, she left fans flabbergasted when she revealed she kept guns in the same drawer as her sex toys, during a discussion about the fact that black women owned guns.

Sherri joked about a doctor she had a brief romance with on the show. (Shutterstock)

Besides dating, Sherri has certainly been busy over the past year. In February, it was announced that she would be getting her own self-titled talk show in the same slot as The Wendy Williams Show, of which Sherri was a regular guest co-host during Wendy Williams’ absence.

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