Intelsat + SKY Perfect JSAT now colleagues for Asian inflight connectivity solutions – SatNews

Intelsat expanded its partnership with SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation to use its new generation JCSAT-1C high throughput satellites (HTS) over Japan and Asia, one of the fastest growing markets for air travel.

This partnership benefits both airlines and passengers as it promotes an exceptional passenger experience with faster internet connection speeds onboard flights.

Intelsat was recently named Best in-flight Wi-Fi service through World Traveler’s Magazine. With an initial investment of $2 billion, Intelsat is building the world’s first unified global software-defined network to support the next generation of global mobility. This includes a new fleet of software-defined satellites to meet air passenger demand for streaming-quality in-flight connectivity. Intelsat gives airlines the scale and flexibility they depend on to deliver exceptional passenger experiences anywhere on their route or network.

When it comes to in-flight connectivity, customers and passengers today expect a seamless, top-notch experience,” noted David Bijur, senior vice president-commercial at Intelsat Commercial Aviation. “Our expanded partnership with SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation to expand our network delivers a cutting-edge experience, exceeding airline and passenger expectations.”

JSAT continues to be an important and preferred partner of Intelsat, proprovide high-quality capacity in Asia,” said Intelsat’s Vice President of Business Development – Network Partnerships, Adam Troy. “We have partnered with JSAT for many years, starting with our first joint venture satellite, Horizons-1. We know we can count on the support of JSAT to meet the needs of our customers in several market sectors, by increasing our global satellite network. This capability, in particular, will allow Intelsat to continue to provide the best in-flight connectivity over Japan for years to come.

We have a long-standing partnership with Intelsat, starting with our JCSAT-5A satellite for Intelsat’s service to Japan Airlines (JAL),” noted Teruo Yamashita, President of Global Business Group at SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation. “As air traffic continues to grow in Japan and Asia, expanding our partnership with Intelsat was a logical solution due to the company’s reputation for providing reliable, state-of-the-art communications and its forward-looking solutions to support global mobility..”

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