Internet dating can be a nightmare – but not if you follow these expert tips because Denise van Outen gives it a shot

UNLUCKY lover Denise van Outen has revealed she’s ready to try online dating for the first time.

It comes after the 48-year-old actress split from love rat Eddie Boxshall, 49, a commodities broker.


Denise Van Outen is ready to return there
The dating scene can be a minefield


The dating scene can be a minefield

But navigating the scene can be tricky business in this modern world. With lists of apps to choose from and the stress of selling yourself online with daring bios and stunning shots, finding the perfect partner can be a minefield.

But never fear, writer EMMAGAYLE HARPER has rounded up expert advice to help you take your game from stupid to Cupid.


The art of writing the perfect bio for your dating profile can be a challenge, but romance experts said there’s a trick.

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Research shows that the magic formula in a profile is to talk 70% about yourself and 30% about the other person.

And don’t list all the things you want in a potential partner. Instead, say things like, “Looking for someone who appreciates family and likes a good laugh” or “Looking for someone to go to concerts with.”


SOMETIMES you can’t resist uploading your favorite selfie to your dating profile, especially when you’re feeling your best.

But too many selfies on your profile can be a big annoyance for many people, if your profile is just a sea of ​​self photos, you might want to change it.

Why not take a few photos with your pet or ask a friend to take some candid photos while enjoying your favorite hobby.


FOLLOWING your new guy on social media can be a great way to find out more about him, his likes, dislikes, and hobbies.

But according to relationship experts, viewing your potential mates’ Instagram Stories is almost a surefire way to end a relationship — especially at the start of a relationship, it can spell disaster.

So, as tempting as a quick glance at their social media might be, there’s always the risk of reading too much about things like where they are and who they’re with that can cause trouble in heaven before you even get started. ‘get there.


YOUR date went great and you feel like there might be something there – but the scary part is working up the courage to ask them again.

Ask casually if they’re free for drinks or coffee anytime, because you’ll kick yourself if you don’t at least try.

Try to be direct and confident, but keep it light. You might say, “I really enjoyed watching that movie with you,” then suggest, “There’s no sequel yet, but could we try something different like the town festival this weekend?”


CAFE dates, trips to the movies, dinners and drinks are the best choices for new couples, but why not try something new to change things up.

A Reddit user’s boyfriend took them to buy books at an independent bookstore specializing in rare works and they both picked up a book for each other.

But if reading books isn’t for you, there are other active date ideas you might like, like crazy golf, bowling, laser tag or even ax throwing – Goggle it. Now it’s a thing…


SAYING hogs on your dating profile can hurt your chances of love – even small lies can come back to haunt you.

It might seem like a good idea at the time to spruce up your bio a bit, almost everyone does it.

However, being yourself is best when it comes to dating because you could have the best date in the world and then bang, you get caught for lying and it all goes downhill from there.


TIKTOK users have revitalized the terms red and green flags to refer to things a potential mate does, meaning you have to run straight for the hills or grab them right away.

But some experts believe the dating game can confuse some green flags with red, especially early in a relationship.

A relationship guru said intimacy and vulnerability are important to people, but warned they should see it as a green flag if someone doesn’t want to open up right away.


LEAVE your nerves at the door and put yourself in a positive frame of mind for any date with these tips.

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Do some light exercise to get that healthy glow and those endorphins flowing, and you’ll feel great afterwards.

Listening to your favorite playlist is another surefire way to pump yourself up so you’re ready to kill the dating game — and make sure you have a stimulating conversation with your best friends before it’s time to hang out. your potential new boo.

Denise Van Outen and Eddie Boxhall had a bitter split


Denise Van Outen and Eddie Boxhall had a bitter split

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