Internet users spot mysterious plane towed to top-secret California location


An aircraft resembling a UFO has been spotted while being transported to a top secret US military base in California. Earlier, another suspected UFO (unidentified flying object) was sighted near a US military base in Colorado, fueling the curiosity of citizens and internet users.

A short video of the unidentified aircraft first appeared on TikTok and was subsequently shared on other social media platforms. The clip shows what appears to be an inverted stealth plane being towed on a large flatbed trailer.

Viewing the video on Twitter, Ruben Hofs (@rubenhofs) used an open source intelligence (OSINT) comparison of buildings and foliage in the venue to determine the location of the video.

File Image: USAF secretly builds and flies next-generation fighter demonstrator | New

The video was almost certainly taken at the secret Helendale Radar Cross-Section Measurement (RCS) facility which is owned by Lockheed Martin and is located in the Mojave Desert, California. This site is near the Skunk Works corporate headquarters at Plant 42 in Palmdale, California.

Skunk Works HQ is one of the most advanced of its kind. It has played a crucial role in the development of the American stealth aircraft since the early 1980s.

The shape of the aircraft is distinct from the usual “pole caps”, which are used at Helendale and other facilities for the calibration of pylons used in RCS tests. Yet the test form has great similarities with several models of new generation hunters.

He also seems broadly familiar with some concepts of Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) known to date. It appears to be a rhombus, without a tail, with an elongated fuselage and a prominent chine line. There is a “bump,” perhaps for where the cockpit would be or intended to represent an unmanned concept.

An open secret?

It seems unlikely that the test pattern in the video clip would be a very sensitive aspect of an ongoing program, especially since it was seen transported in broad daylight and in plain sight of workers and contractors in the area. ‘installation. Although, on the other hand, this Skunk Works facility has an established history of being on the frontier of stealth aircraft developments.

This observation of the plane becomes all the more intriguing in the context of the recent expansion at Helendale. The addition of more than 1,800 square meters of “classified storage” to the site was completed in April of this year. This construction work is known to be part of Lockheed Martin’s larger efforts to expand its available facilities for the purpose of developing and building sophisticated aerospace vehicles.

For now, it appears that the sighting of this particular UFO-like object within a week of changing shape, UFO in the shape of a “ticking” being spotted near US Space Force Base is nothing more than a coincidence.

Continuous UFO sightings

UFOs have dominated the public imagination for several decades now. They are the source of multiple conspiracy theories and have been linked to military planes, aliens, and even the Illuminati!

The first well-known UFO sighting occurred in 1947. American businessman Kenneth Arnold claimed that while flying his small plane, he saw a cluster of nine objects at high speed near Mount Rainier in Washington. He said they were crescent-shaped objects moving at a speed of several thousand kilometers per hour.

They were flying “like saucers leaping over water,” he said.

The continued sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena prompted the United States Air Force (USAF) to begin an investigation into these reports in 1948. Initially, those involved in this project (dubbed Project Sign) believed that the UFOs were likely airplanes. sophisticated Soviets.

Some of them have suggested that they could be alien planes from a different world. Project Sign was replaced by Project Grudge, which was later replaced by Project Blue Book

In 1952, a kind of UFO madness had spread to the United States. In July of that year, a series of strange sightings were reported near the national airport in Washington, DC. These mysterious radar echoes initially appeared slow and clustered, then moved away at speeds above 11,000 km / h.

The events have been attributed to temperature inversions over the city. However, people were not entirely convinced of this.

A report on the increase in UFO sightings, which was presented by a panel set up by the CIA in 1953, concluded that nearly 90% of sightings could be attributed to astronomical and meteorological phenomena or to certain objects. terrestrial and that there was no evidence to support the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

Parts of the report were kept secret until 1979. This prolonged period of secrecy fueled suspicions of a potential government cover-up.

Despite UFO sightings that do occur from time to time, the flying saucer mania has finally set in.

In April 2020, the US Navy published three videos, taken by Navy pilots, the EurAsian Times reported. In one of the videos from 2004, off San Diego, two super hornets from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz were invited to investigate mysterious planes flying in the area.

According to the operator of the USS Princeton, who was following these PANs at the time, mysterious flying objects suddenly appeared at 80,000 feet. They then stopped at 20,000 feet and after hovering for some time disappeared from radar.

When the super hornets flew to the UAP location, they found two hovering objects. The objects were found near the water’s surface, one just below the surface, while the second moved about 50 feet above the water’s surface. The unidentified object rose to the level of super hornets but eventually moved away.

The Pentagon later released what was classified as “unclassified videos,” taken by Navy pilots.

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