January-May 2022. Bitcoin 11,500. Then 8,100. Then $ 5,100. For COINBASE: BTCUSD By Chataylo

There is a lot going on here. Let me explain it easily, I color coded the support levels.

First of all, the dotted lines. These are the weekly support and weekly resistances of the 2017 bull run. They meet in April 2022 at $ 5,100. They are real supports. Rock solid supports.

Now the white line is 11.5k. It’s a major support / resistance on the weekly chart for 5 years. A major.

The blue line is $ 8,100. It’s also a major support on the 5-year weekly chart.

The yellow line is also one of the most important lines in crypto. It’s $ 5,100 / 5,200.

I have used color coded arrows to show all of the times each has been taken care of in the past 5 years.



Now comes the crazy part. I copied the fractal of the running of the bulls 2020. I spilled it on the logarithmic graph by accident. Just for fun I decided to put it on 65k and see what it looked like. I looked at the graph and noticed 3 very brutal crashes. Well I looked at the prices that these crashes came in.


Each of these 3 crashes hangs on a MAJOR MAJOR support line of the weekly chart.

$ 11,500 was a place I expected to buy. $ 8,100 was a place I also considered. Then… I noticed that $ 5,100 occurs where these two bold white dotted lines meet.

I decided to look for $ 5,100. I wanted to see what it was $ 5,100. Was it a big support / resistance that I completely neglected to watch?

Well yes. Yes it was. $ 5,100 was incredibly large. When bitcoins fell below $ 5,100 in November 2018, this created the crash at 3k.



So… I think our January-May 2022 bear market will have 3 separate crashes.

I think after finishing our bullish region we are in for the next few months or two (I think about $ 56,800 at the moment) …

We’re crashing at $ 11,500. Then go up a bit.

Then crash at $ 8,100. Then go up a bit.

Then crash at $ 5,100 / 5,200. And that $ 5,100 / 5,200 somewhere around April / early May 2022 IS the bottom. And it will start a new bullrun.

It’s going to start a new bullrun similar to March 2020. I don’t think we’re going to start a super bear market in the long term anymore. I now think $ 5100/5200 holds as support and I think 2025 will bring the biggest bitcoins bullrun in history. Probably 300k in 2025.

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