Jeremy Hershberg reportedly found on Bumble by fans


Love Island USA fans have found Jeremy Hershberg’s alleged dating profile on the Bumble dating app. Catch up on the latest fan speculation.

Jeremy Hershberg was reportedly spotted using the Bumble dating app, and Love Island United States fans are now speculating if things are over between him and Bailey Marshall. Jeremy was a senior islander on Love Island United States season 3 from start to finish. Along with Javonny Vega, Josh Goldstein, Korey Gandy and Christian Longnecker, Jeremy was one of five Day One Boys who were associated with Day One Girls from first impressions.

Over time, Jeremy became infamous on Love Island United States season 3 for the number of different girls he’s associated with throughout his time on the show. In total, Jeremy has teamed up with Trina Njoroge, Aimee Flores, Florita Diaz, Genevieve Shawcross and Bailey Marshall. It was only with Bailey that Jeremy finally found a deeper connection and began to open up in a way he had never done before. Together, Jeremy and Bailey placed third in the grand final.

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Immediately after leaving the isolation of Love Island United States, Jeremy Hershberg and Bailey Marshall have announced that they will explore a relationship outside of the villa. However, a Reddit fan started a thread (included below) alleging he found Jeremy’s dating profile on Bumble. The original poster included a screenshot of Jeremy’s purported Bumble profile, which includes his name, age, profession and photo. In the comments, the original poster of the thread wrote, “And yes, I slipped right … Stay tuned.” This Reddit thread currently has 418 upvotes and 123 comments. Alas, new information has not been shared by this person at the time of writing. Additionally, Jeremy has yet to comment on rumors that he has an active account on Bumble.

However, before Island of love fans are starting to panic about the potential end of Jeremy and Bailey’s relationship, it’s important to add some perspective to this speculation / rumor. First of all, it wouldn’t be the first time for a person to use fake names and pictures to fish others out on a dating site. It’s also possible that this profile doesn’t actually exist, as it could have been photoshopped by someone with decent photo editing skills. Additionally, people who have created a dating profile at some point may sometimes forget to delete that profile once they start dating someone new, even though those people have deleted that dating app from their devices.

It’s not impossible to think that Jeremy and Bailey may have already broken up after their stint on Love Island United States. However, it’s even more likely that this Bumble profile was created by Jeremy before he appeared on the show, and he simply forgot to delete it after leaving the villa.

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