Jill Duggar SHADOWS her parents as she talks about “dating” her husband, Derick Dillard, on an “uncapped” trip to Nepal

JILL Duggar cast a shadow over her parents by saying that she had “dated” her husband now instead of “courting” between them.

The Counting On alum, 30, celebrated the 8th anniversary of when Derick Dillard first asked her out on a date and spoke more about the ‘chaperone’ time she spent with him in Nepal.


Jill Duggar opened up about ‘dating’ her husband, Derick DillardCredit: Jill Duggar / Instagram
Counting On Alumnus Shaded Strict Parents Jim Bob and Michelle By Dismissing the Term


Counting On Alumnus Shaded Strict Parents Jim Bob and Michelle By Dismissing the Term “Courting” They UseCredit: TLC

To honor the milestone event, Jill shared a selfie in front of a photo of her and Derick in Nepal which is framed in her home.

She included a few other photos in the Instagram post, which were flashbacks to their time together in the South Asian country almost a decade ago.

Along with the snaps, she wrote: “Today it’s been 8 years since Derick officially asked me to start dating him!

“My dad and I went to Nepal (where Derick had been working for a few years) to meet him and we spent 2 weeks together for Thanksgiving!”

Jill added, “I love you so much @derickdillard Thank you for loving Jesus and pointing me to Him!” And thank you for being my man, my rock, my biggest supporter, the shoulder I cry on and my best friend!

“Here is my love with you forever!” “

Derick shared similar photos on his birthday page and also revealed that he and Jill went on a “chaperone-less motorbike ride in the area” which he “really enjoyed”.

Fans were happy to see Jill use the word “dating” instead of the term “courting,” saying it was her way to overshadow her strict parents Jim Bob and Michelle and put more emphasis on. distance between them.

A Reddit the user said, “I see it… more of Jill traveling away from her education.”

A second said: “I think she’s trying to become something normal. Getting out of this kind of abusive life sucks.

“I don’t think it’s a look. I hope she will get out of it.

Another suggested that Jill move away from the vocabulary and ideas her parents imposed on her as a child and that she is now happy to make “personal choices” about how she views her relationship with her husband.

Others noted that Jill and Derick previously shared that the show was supposed to “push the term ‘woo’ on them,” but wanted to dismiss it as they put more distance between them and the show and its parents. .

A few Redditers have said they think the term dating is more applicable, anyway, after Derick recently revealed that they spent some time alone together.

One of them wrote: “I say is that they dated. They just hid it. She literally said that after the cameras were off, she and Derrick weren’t chaperoned.

Another said, “Yeah! He at least said they were able to take a motorcycle ride without a chaperone. And that they had spent some intimate time together that extra week. [in Nepal]! “

Derick admitted this in his birthday post, as the Counting On couple continue to defy the strict rules of his father Jim Bob.

He wrote: “8 years ago today I started dating my best friend @jillmdillard while working halfway around the world!

“I really enjoyed our chaperone-free motorcycle ride in the area. And I have fond memories of the extra week we had over Thanksgiving to spend more intimate time together and get to know each other better.”

He added: “If I had a GED knowing you then I want a PhD in 50 years!”

Over the past few years, Jill has strayed from most of her parents’ rules and adopted a much more relaxed lifestyle.

She has also been extremely open on various topics, touching on her “good sex life”, that she uses birth control, and even that she and Derick play “bedroom games”.

Jill, who recently got a new haircut, also went out drinking with Derick – all of which goes against their strict family rules.

Jill and Derick celebrated the 8th anniversary of when he asked her to start dating


Jill and Derick celebrated the 8th anniversary of when he asked her to start datingCredit: Jill Duggar / Instagram
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He revealed that they had taken a “motorbike ride without a chaperone” on their trip to Nepal.Credit: Instagram
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