Larissa Lima sent “100 emails” to retrieve her dating profile


Larissa is single and ready to use the apps, but she revealed that Hinge had banned her for 6 months. She had to fight to get her account back.

It seems that 90 day fiancé Star Larissa Lima is ready to find love again, but she recently had to go to great lengths to restore her dating profile to a popular app. As she is currently recovering from her birthday plastic surgery “total makeoverLarissa has been active on social media and reveals a lot of personal details. One incident she mentioned concerned her struggles with running a dating app when she just wanted to swipe straight at a guy.

Larissa was last seen on 90 day fiancé franchisee on 90 Day Fiancé: Forever? season 5, when she started dating again after her divorce from ex-husband Colt Johnson. During this season, Larissa dated Eric Nichols. For a while the two got along very well. Larissa eventually moved to Colorado and they briefly found an apartment together. However, the couple have since separated and it looks like Larissa is ready to move on.

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In the past, Larissa has been dragged down for creating a Tinder profile, but she has spread to other dating apps as well. Larissa shared a screenshot of their Hinge settings page and commented: “AAfter crying a lot, they gave me my account [cry laughing emoji]. I was banned for 6 months. I sent 100 emails.“Many fans can relate to the experience of having to face the brick wall of customer service, and it seems like it was an uphill battle for Larissa to reclaim her sweeping powers.

For a while, Larissa’s relationship status was a bit in a gray area. Many fans weren’t sure if she was single, still with Eric, or if she was dating someone else. Recently, Larissa took stock of her and Eric and revealed that while they are still on good terms, they are no longer in a romantic relationship. However, Eric still helps care for his two cats and Larissa on occasion, such as when she is recovering from cosmetic procedures.

The 90 day fiancé did not go into detail on why she was banned in the first place, although that could be because the company assumed hers was a catfish account. Whatever the reason, she must be relieved to finally have access to her account so that she can once again find the man of her dreams. If Larissa can avoid comparing them to her exes, she might have better luck in love.

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