Love Capsule: I talked about sex with my brother-in-law from a fake profile

Ever since I got married to Vishal*, my married life has been nothing but gloom and sadness. I don’t get the love, care and warmth from her, like I should, in a marriage. Our parents introduced us to each other, and then our marriage worked out for the best. I believed I could learn to love him and I did, but he didn’t. I yearn for his love, but he complains that he is busy with his work all day, and has no time to spend with me. He doesn’t pay much attention to me and I’ve never felt so alone in my life.

I try to spend my day talking with my mother-in-law because luckily she’s sweet and caring. She likes to talk and cook for her loved ones. I scored a hundred on that one! But despite that, I yearn for Vishal’s love. It had been a year since our marriage began and we had only gotten intimate a few times, that too, just depending on her mood. I also have my needs and wants and if my husband can’t meet them, who will?

At this point, I felt extremely vulnerable and lost. My married life had no meaning in that. But that’s when Vishal’s younger brother, Rishabh*, returned from New Zealand after quitting his job there. I hadn’t seen him at the wedding because I heard his visa hadn’t gone through and unfortunately he couldn’t. When he came back, I was amazed at how handsome Rishabh is! He’s tall with lean muscles and has an amazing voice. After having a conversation with him, the first thought that came to my mind was how lucky a girl would be to have him as a husband. His actions were so benevolent and wonderful that it warmed my heart to see him like this.

Rishabh is so handsome that my attention slowly shifted to him. My husband’s lack of attention made me look towards Rishabh. I started feeding him, talking to him about his life in New Zealand, etc. One day I noticed him looking at girls on a dating app. I tried to sneakily check it by swiping the girls left and right. I don’t know what got into me, but that night I downloaded the dating app and created a fake profile of myself. I put a very nice photo of me facing the sunset so that my face is not visible. And luckily he corresponded with me as I gave an interesting biography. We both started talking!

On the text, Rishabh was even more romantic. He wanted to see more pictures of me but I delayed him, saying it was better to keep it a bit of a mystery. I even asked him if we could just focus on the present and feel each moment as it is. Slowly we even started flirting and talking about sex. It all seemed surreal because I enjoyed it so much. With such sex talk I felt amazing because the way he described it all made me savor every moment. I knew it was all so wrong, but I just couldn’t help myself. My husband kept busy while I kept talking to my brother-in-law on a dating site.

It lasted a few weeks, and I could feel that Rishabh was growing impatient to meet me. In no case was this possible. But one day while I was chatting with him, suddenly Rishabh came in front of me, asking me for advice. He told me about our situation and wanted to know how he could move forward with this girl. I was surprised and taken aback by why he was asking me for advice. I gave him some general advice. It scared me so much that I decided to delete the profile after a few days to avoid suspicion. I couldn’t bear to be caught with such a dirty secret and lie no matter what.

*Names changed for discretion

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