Man Brutally Shut Down After Contacting Bumble To Report “Problem” On Dating App


A woman who met her boyfriend on Bumble went hysterical when he showed her an email exchange he had with app staff before they matched.

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Man Shuts Down After Contacting Bumble To Report ‘Problem’ In Dating App

Getting noticed on dating apps is getting harder and harder as more people turn to the internet in hopes of finding love.

But a woman who was lucky enough to meet Bumble’s was left out when her boyfriend admitted he had already contacted the app to report a ‘problem’ – only to be brutally shut down.

TikTok user @ Jadeswildparty29 posted a video sharing the hilarious posts between his other half and the staff at Bumble, and the clip has since been viewed over 1.2 million times.

She wrote: “Before me, my boyfriend didn’t get any correspondence on Bumble, so he emailed them asking if this was a problem.”

The emails were shared by his now girlfriend on TikTok




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In a polite email Niko wrote: “To whom it may concern. Hi Bumble, I have recently been active on your Bumble app and I’m concerned there is an issue with my profile.

“Today I swept ALL the people and I didn’t match a single person. Not one.

“And don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy with how I look, but I should have at least one game. I mean my friend Peter looks like that Goonies guy and he gets more games than me.

“All I’m asking is if you can possibly verify my account to make sure there are no issues. Thank you and good day. “

But rather than finding technical issues with the app, one staff member was forced to respond and admit, “I’ve looked at your profile and, according to our information, it’s working fine.” Ouch.

They then advised that the more Niko slips, the more likely he is to eventually find a match, adding that posting additional photos on his profile might help as well.

And the advice obviously did the trick, as he found a happy relationship soon after.

Viewers were left out by the emails, as one wrote: “‘To whom it may concern’. Sir, the only one concerned is you.”

A second said: “Not him throwing Peter under the bus.”

A third replied, “Okay, but I really considered doing it too. I fully understand that.

And another added, “Before my boyfriend and I started dating, I found a Google tab open on his phone that said he felt invisible on Tinder.”

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