Man Planning Dates in Google Calendar Internet Charms

A man is impressing viewers by scheduling his appointments in Google Calendar, which is gaining a lot of appreciation on the internet.

The TikTok recounting the situation, captioned “I love random notifications, and all I have to do is click yes #datenights #googlecalendar #gcal #date #datenight #boyfriend #fyp #bigcomfy #easywithadobeexpress” , has been viewed 507,700 times and liked 26,600 times since it was shared on April 8.

Statista reported that in a 2019 US survey of love life, the majority of respondents, 33%, revealed that they were not in love at the time. Additionally, 25% admitted to being “passionately” in love, 20% said they were “very” in love, and 17% were “somewhat” in love.

The six-second clip, shared by TikToker @taylarawdah, highlighted the woman’s schedule on a MacBook Air while music played. In a tab opened for Google Calendar, a detailed itinerary was displayed for the coming week, which included time spent at the gym, appointments and work.

“My buddy is planning dates on GCal,” read the text overlay screen.

One of the time slots in blue was chiseled out for a “Movie Night” on April 10 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., which included two attendees, the TikToker and her boyfriend, although email addresses and other details were unclear. been marked.

The scheduled activity was sent by the TikToker’s boyfriend, and an image of a box of popcorn on a red background was also added to the timeslot.

Another nocturnal rendezvous was scheduled for the following weekend on the following Saturday, April 16. The time slot, which ran all day from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., was titled “Rendezvous day and night.” Again, the TikToker and her boyfriend were the participants, and a note was included: “Beautiful day all about the queen herself…Tayla!”

A man who schedules his appointments in Google Calendar charms the Internet. Here, a couple watches television together.

Over 100 comments have poured in on the man planning his dates with his girlfriend, and a lot of people are honestly loving the idea.

Appreciation for the boyfriend’s efforts was everywhere. “He’s the man of my dreams,” said one TikToker.

Some have mentioned the Virgo star sign when talking about the TikToker boyfriend. “Now that’s the love language of a Virgo,” one viewer pointed out.

They’re not the only couple who have scheduled time slots. “We do too,” said one TikToker. “Especially because our schedules are so busy, but honestly it’s so nice to see something planned.”

One TikToker chimed in when he said, “If it’s not on the schedule, it doesn’t exist.”

A viewer thought the boyfriend put in “the energy we all need and deserve”.

Others would appreciate a partner who does the exact same thing. “Omg I would love for a guy to do that,” one TikToker admitted.

The approving comments included things like “Please, it’s my love language”, “How is it to live my dream” and “That’s so cute”.

However, not everyone seemed to appreciate the effort. “God, we really glorify the bare minimum in relationships,” one viewer pointed out. “My friends and I are not congratulating ourselves for doing the exact same thing.”

Newsweek contacted TikToker @taylarawdah for comment.

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