Maryland today | 6 Terp Couples Still In Love With The Turtle

Work-love balance
Dave and Dara Feldman ’84 live like every day is Valentine’s Day. They have built their professional lives on spreading the language of love. The couple from Kensington, Maryland run the nonprofit organization Virtues Matter, which works with individuals and organizations, including educators, social workers and entrepreneurs, to “cultivate virtue” in their lives. daily.

They first met on campus when Dave, a marketing student, was visiting Dara’s roommate, who had romantic designs on him. He and Dara, an elementary education student, did not see each other for 13 years, during a chance encounter at a Rockville gymnasium, where Dave remembered her by the wrong name.

Dara ignored the gaffe: “In 10 minutes, I knew I was going to marry her. There was something in my heart that was drawn to him.

A month later, the two had their first date, at DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C., where they ate pizza, watched a movie and browsed titles at the Kramers Bookstore.

The parents of two children, who will celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary in March, say they are working hard to practice what they preach.

“We try to bring the essence of who we are into everything we do,” Dave said. “It’s about enjoying every moment of each other’s company.”—A F

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