Missouri man charged with detaining and torturing woman for 2 days

LATHROP, Mo. (AP) – A man who was recently released from prison has been charged with kidnapping and other crimes after authorities say he threatened to kill and severely beat a woman he had met on a dating site, keeping her imprisoned for two days at her father’s home in northwest Missouri.

Clinton County sheriff’s deputies arrested James Larson Jr., 39, on Saturday after a five-hour standoff at Lathrop’s home, WDAF television reported. Deputies said they found Larson hiding in a false wall in the house.

Authorities said the standoff began when a Kansas City woman escaped the home and called 911 from a nearby home. Officials said the woman was severely beaten and deprived of food, and was hospitalized in critical condition with a brain haemorrhage. No update on his condition was released on Tuesday.

The woman told investigators she had been with Larson for a few days before he punched her, kicked her with steel-toed boots and hit her in the head with an ice pick. She said he threatened to slit her throat if she called the police.

Larson’s father told WDAF the assault happened at his home, saying he returned home on Saturday to find his son had become violent and injured the woman. He said his son found a shotgun hidden in the house and threatened to kill his father, the woman and himself if the police were called.

Larson and the woman had met a week earlier on a dating app, investigators said.

He had been released from jail just two weeks before the clash, Clinton County Sheriff Larry Fish said.

Court documents show Larson was charged with kidnapping, domestic assault, felony armed action and unlawful possession of a firearm. He is being held without bail. Online court documents do not list an attorney for Larson.

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