Mom Gets NYC Billboard to Help Daughter Find a Date – NBC New York

Beth Davis really wants you to swipe right on her daughter’s dating profile.

So badly – that the Boston mom has teamed up with dating app Wingman to put up a billboard in Times Square – to let the world know that Molly is looking for love.

“Date with my daughter,” the sign read, along with a photo of Molly, a 30-year-old Boston native, and a link to her dating profile. A smaller one showing Beth Davis, who calls herself Molly’s winger, sits just below.

But it’s more than just a waterfall. The 61-year-old mom says she’s taking drastic steps to find love because she might not be around long enough to see her find it without his help. Beth Davis says she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2020 and has spread to her bones.

“There was a little more urgency in seeing my daughter settle in with a wonderful man,” she said.

It was this urgency that caught the attention of Wingman founder Tina Wilson. She said she wanted to help and decided that going big to Carrefour du monde was the best bet.

“She is still focused with love and care for her daughter so I wanted to help her speed up that search and find someone good,” Wilson said.

As for Molly, she takes maternal interference in stride.

“It’s such a trip,” she said. “Especially up there next to Gen Z icon Olivia Rodrigo. It’s just crazy.”

The couple even took a trip from Boston to see the billboard – and, possibly, to mark a date.

“I hope the right person is confident enough that they won’t be deterred by the unorthodox,” said Molly Davis.

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