Monster dad tricked a woman he met on a home dating app he rigged to stop her from escaping – World News

Robert Wilson kept his victim locked up for four days. She was raped 18 times and beaten with an iron bar as her friends searched for her

Wilson pleaded guilty to all charges

A woman who was kidnapped and raped for four days by a man she met on a dating app has relived her ordeal in court.

Robert Wilson met the woman through the dating app Badoo before she was locked in a bedroom at her home in Melbourne, Australia from March 25-29, 2019.

Victoria County Court heard the play had been rigged so that the moment she walked through the bedroom door into a hallway an alarm would go off to warn Wilson.

The 39-year-old was only released when a friend contacted Wilson to ask if he knew anything about the missing after their date.

The house was rigged to notify Wilson if his victim was moving


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The court heard that throughout the ordeal Wilson threatened to kill the woman while pointing a harpoon at her head and held a knife to her throat when she tried to call for help.

She was raped 18 times and beaten with an iron bar. She was also attacked and beaten so badly that she had difficulty seeing.

The court was also told that the woman’s friends were desperately looking for her as she was missing, posting publicly on Facebook and trying to locate Wilson’s home.

Wilson has yet to be convicted



He released her on the condition that his friends delete the social media posts and do not turn themselves in to authorities.

As soon as she was freed, they called the emergency services and Wilson was arrested for forcible confinement, rape, robbery and intentional wounding.

He pleaded guilty to all charges and has yet to be convicted.

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