Most single Indians think they can fall in love online


The pandemic has changed our lives, especially the way we communicate with each other. Whether it’s going to work or scheduling a date, the past year has made us adjust to our new normal. There is no longer a regular day at the office and things have certainly remained busy! My husband and I are both fortunate enough to work from home – our jobs involve the computer and a lot of zoom calls, so we can keep working during the pandemic. He does make a guest appearance sometimes on my team calls – it’s a wonderful way for my personal and professional worlds to overlap a bit! We take breaks together when we cook lunch or have afternoon coffee – it’s nice to see each other during the working day!

We are all facing the new way of staying connected to people while being physically away during these trying times. However, I think the pandemic has also brought people together in one way or another, it has taught us to cherish and celebrate meaningful human relationships. Our Bumble success stories in India – how people found love during the pandemic, even in the midst of lockdowns – show us this.

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Indians wear their hearts on their sleeve, practically

Time spent in blocks has allowed people to focus on what they are really looking for during their dates, giving them a renewed sense of clarity and confidence by allowing them to take control of their love life when they meet new people. new people. Thanks to recent research from Bumble, we’ve found that people are now dating more intentionally than before the pandemic – they’re more honest about what they’re looking for in a relationship, whether it’s casual or serious. There has been a positive change in the way people view online dating after a year of social distancing measures. It’s no surprise that people have adapted to new ways of communicating and dating to find and explore meaningful connections during the pandemic. In fact, Bumble’s recent national survey (looking at 2,000 people in the 18-35 age group) after the second wave of covid-19 showed that 72% of single Indians think they can fall in love. from someone even before meeting in person!

Virtual dating is the normal way of dating in India

Virtual dating is now the new normal in India as single Indians continue to virtually find love and meaningful bonding during this time. As more people connect virtually, meeting someone online is now more normalized than ever. According to our recent national poll, half (50%) of single Indian respondents say people are no longer ashamed to say they met on a dating app. People are more open to talking about having met their partners online. This in turn has led to an evolved online dating ecosystem with new standards for setting boundaries and finding new, innovative ways to bond.

2020 and 2021 have changed our lives in many ways, especially our social lives which have been completely overhauled. More than anything, these unprecedented times have shown us the full power of human connection – we have all learned to show love, compassion, care and happiness to one another in creative, thoughtful and virtual ways. . We’ve all realized the importance of new and existing relationships – and more importantly, that one can be successful in finding love online, even in these difficult times!

Priti Joshi is Vice President of Strategy and Global Operations, Bumble.

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