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A new dating app developed by local app developers in Melbourne seeks to shake up the dating landscape as we know it.

The Out There app seeks to disrupt the dating app industry, leaving the world of face value behind and reverting to seizing opportunities to connect with people in the real world.

With a smooth launch in Melbourne in January 2022 and a nationwide launch slated for February, the new subversive dating app is expected to be a valuable digital tool for singles who may be hesitant to navigate a post-COVID dating world.

The combination of location-based social opportunities and detailed personality and compatibility testing enables the dating app to provide its users with better dating experiences and much less likely to be ‘ghost’.

From weekend bars and clubs to local cafes, gyms and parks, each location on the Out There map is rated based on your compatibility with other app users registered in that area. Once you arrive at a location, you can turn on “broadcast mode” to see compatible users nearby who might be interested in meeting you.

Co-Founders Alexandra Cuthbert and Joe Russell explain exactly how they reinvented the whole mobile dating experience and brought the dating world back to basics.

A dating app that’s more than just DMs

The two Out There co-founders can agree together that the dating app industry has been in need of reform for some time, especially since over 84% of millennials would rather meet their future partner offline than on a superficial dating app.

“I was missing the old way of dating. The excitement of someone approaching you in person and being able to instantly assess the chemistry between you,” said Alexandra, co-founder and director of Out There marketing.

For its co-founder and seasoned app developer Joe Russell, the whole building of traditional dating apps never made sense from the start.

“I couldn’t believe that over the past decade, finding a compatible life partner had been reduced to a series of superficial punches and bad dates,” says Joe Russell.

The compelling advantage of dating apps is that they can organize these real-world meetings to some extent, but engaging in digital discussions ahead of the meeting can often also remove a lot of wonder and excitement from the meeting. a first dating experience. The problem for most singles, expressed the founders of the app, is that they don’t really know where to go to find these opportunities.

Out There maintains all the excitement of meeting new people by tricking app users to meet their “IRL” compatible matches rather than trying to make a connection in a one-dimensional direct messaging bubble.

Rediscover the value of real world connections

The Out There development team dreamed of a world where singles no longer had to wade through a plethora of matches at face value to find potential mates.

With Out There, users can finally engage with potential compatible partners in organic and real environments. This revolutionary dating app will likely equip singles with all the tools they need to start making lasting connections in the real world.

But how does the app identify a user’s compatible matches? Ensuring that matches maintain high compatibility ratings has been a pressing challenge for virtually any dating app in the sun.

For Joe Russell – who is also credited with being the founder of Melbourne-based award-winning app development agency DreamWalk – solving problems with apps is almost second nature. With DreamWalk’s eclectic collection of local Australian apps, Joe also recognizes the value of enlisting industry experts when developing any innovative app.

Out There will help users find their perfect match based on the answers they provide when they complete a detailed personality questionnaire, created in partnership with Sydney-based dating coach Jess Matthews of The Boy Detox.

Matthews’ Personality Quiz considers compatibility based on a few key factors, including an individual’s values ​​and beliefs, as well as any personality or character traits they find appealing.

Using the knowledge of Matthews’ experts, Out There users can be confident that their dates will share similar values ​​to theirs, dramatically reducing the likelihood of having a bad date.

Dating trainer Jess Matthews (pictured) of The Boy Detox has partnered with the creators of Out There to ensure the app will effectively match users with other compatible users in their area.

Say goodbye to ghosting and shallow sweeps

While researching the dating apps industry as it is now, Out There co-founder and chief marketing officer Alexandra Cuthbert found that not much had changed over the years and years of use of screens to enhance real-world dating experiences.

“Dating apps really haven’t changed since their launch, and the overly organized and superficial scanning mechanism has become obsolete,” explains Alexandra.

Many dating app users have an intermittent relationship with the apps themselves, regularly installing and uninstalling apps during their stay in the dating pool.

The frustration surrounding unsatisfactory social interactions both within and around traditional dating apps has understandably made singles around the world increasingly pessimistic about the nature of dating in the 21st century.

Ghost images and other forms of miscommunication coupled with superficial connections presiding over all the other factors that lead to feelings of attraction have led traditional dating apps to create a generally negative experience for singles looking to meet. like-minded people.

Out There removes all of those negative, superficial conventions from traditional dating apps, moving interactions from phone screens to the real world, where no one can leave you “reading” for days.

Coming back “over there” after COVID

Many of us Australians are still reeling from the rapid digital transformation that the lockdown of COVID-19 has brought to us. App developers have indeed been working overtime over the past two years to provide us with digital alternatives to all the experiences we have been deprived of during our many months of lockdown.

Despite all that seems to be going digital these days, there are serious questions about whether all aspects of our lives are likely to be better off. One indisputable experience that even digital natives agree that it’s best to stay firmly in the real world is dating.

The co-founders of Out There recognized a surprising need for a dating app that disrupts the traditional app-based dating experience. Co-founder Joe Russell can’t wait to see what impact his new app will have for singles looking to come back “Out There” after COVID.

“Reinventing the whole mobile dating experience was a pretty technical endeavor, but I think the results speak for themselves.”

Out There will be available for free download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store in January 2022.

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