New dating site for single parents, Stir, launched by

NEW YORK — In honor of National Single Parents Day on March 21 Meetthe pioneering company in the online dating industry – announced the official launch of Stir, the new dating app designed to connect single parents.

Stir aims to provide a connection to the 20 million single parents in the United States.many of whom say they are often underserved on mainstream dating apps.

The launch of Stir takes place on National Single Parents Day, a day to honor and celebrate single moms and dads raising children.


One of the app-exclusive features is called “Stir Time”, a scheduling feature where members can view their “personal time” with matches to make it easier for them to coordinate schedules and eliminate friction with parental schedules. .

“Having kids shouldn’t be a dealbreaker when dating,” said Dinh Thi Bui, vice president of New Verticals at Match Group. “We are committed to providing single parents with a dating experience where they are celebrated and feel like they can be themselves. With this, we hope they can truly focus on a personal life beyond parenthood.

According to Stir, one in four single parents (27%) say scheduling coordination usually prevents them from having dates.

New data from 1,494 Stir members reveals what single parents are really looking for when looking for a dating partner and the challenges they face when dating kids. Key information includes:

  • Dealbreakers and superior qualities in a partner: When asked what their biggest deal breakers were, single parents ranked last: zodiac sign (3%), openness to being a step-parent (7%), different parenting styles (13%) and a non-existent digital footprint (13%), highlighting that single parents are not looking for a partner to help them raise their children. Instead, the top qualities they value include financial stability (64%), followed by emotional maturity (52%).
  • Impressions from the first meeting: On a first date, single parents seek laughter more than anything (49%), favoring humor and playfulness in a partner. Behind the laughter, single parents rank meaningful conversations (38%) and a date without awkward silences (34%) as indicators of a successful first date.
  • Single parent stigma: Despite the stigma of being a single parent, most (90%) don’t hide the fact that they have kids on their dating profile. However, more than half of single parents (54%) have been “ghosted” after a first date, and one in five single parents (20%) have been “ghosted” after someone learned they had children.
  • Find the time to date: The majority of single parents (37%) spend one to two hours a week dating, and more than a third of single parents (34%) spend more than 3 hours a week. When asked what they would spend time on if they could free up two extra hours during their week, one of their top choices was dating (45%), along with exercise (53%) and personal care (53%).
  • Meet the kids: Three in five single parents (61%) will wait up to three months before introducing a new partner to their children. And 28% said they would wait up to a year and only 16% said they would introduce them within the first 30 days.


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