No More Drunk Dates: The Rise of Dry Dating

Dating app Bumble claims dry dating is the new trend of 2022. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to abstain from sex; instead, you must refrain from hitting the bottle. So, no more drunken disasters; Dry dating is about being sober, engaged, and bubbly with meaningful conversation.

According to the study conducted by Bumble, 32% of single Indians believe their relationship with alcohol has changed due to the pandemic. They now drink much less than before.

This new trend highlights a harmful dating behavior that’s all too familiar: relying on spirits to make dates go more smoothly, which is a symptom of social anxiety.

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Bumble has released a new “Sober” badge that allows users to tom-tom their sober lifestyle and drinking habits under the “Drinking” badge option already present in the app. According to the survey, one of the most popular badges among Bumble users in India is the “Drinking” badge.

This section now allows users to choose from options such as “Frequently”, “Socially”, “Never”, and “Sober”.

A similar smoking badge on the app allows users to share more preferences.

Dr Vishwakirti Bhan Chabbra, a Chandigarh-based psychologist, said people rely on alcohol to make themselves seem more extroverted or extroverted.

“Alcohol intoxicates and makes you do, say, or ask for things you wouldn’t normally do. It gives drinkers a false sense of confidence,” Chabbra said. “But in most cases, they regret their choices later, when they’re sober.”

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According to the Bumble survey, singles in India are more eager than ever to form meaningful relationships. In 2022, young people are looking for the compatibility of potential partners before starting a conversation; most singles in India (54 percent) are becoming more aware of how and when they date.

Christie Syndor, a 26-year-old from Shillong, a ‘woke’ romantic in her own words, says she’d rather be socially awkward herself than tipsy or drunk on a date.

“I think living in isolation for the past two years during the pandemic has made me realize the importance of meaningful relationships,” Syndor said.

“Going on a date is an investment of my time and effort. If I’m going to date someone, I want those guys to know how I am from the first date itself and vice versa. “

It can be difficult for some people to meet new people without alcohol in their system. Chabbra suggests choosing meeting places that don’t serve alcohol.

“There are a variety of options to choose from. Going bowling, shopping or cooking together will give you more insight into your date’s personality,” he said.

Dry dating also pushes singles to find people who share common values ​​and interests and weed out inappropriate matches.

“It’s always ‘Do you want to go out for a drink?’ or ‘let me buy you a drink.’ Why not, ‘let me cook you some pasta’ or ‘let us watch a movie at my place.’ I think that would be very romantic,” Syndor said.

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