One cannot judge virtue if one is active on dating sites: Allahabad HC


PRAY: The Allahabad High Court observed that being active on dating sites cannot be a parameter for judging someone’s virtue.

The court’s assertion came in response to an argument made by counsel for the accused petitioner, who sought to presume that the woman was of petty virtue.

The court denied early bail to a rape accused, who allegedly established a physical relationship with a woman over the false promise of marriage after meeting her on a dating site.

In this case, the victim and the accused had met on a dating site and, on the false promise to marry, the accused allegedly had sexual relations with her. Subsequently, he reneged on his promise and the woman filed a complaint against him.

It was submitted on behalf of the claimant that he and the victim met on a dating site. In view of this fact, it was argued that within four days of their meeting, the establishment of a physical relationship by the victim demonstrated that it was a case of consensual sex.

It was also argued that there had been no question of marriage between the two and, therefore, the allegation that they had engaged in a physical relationship in the name of a marriage proposal was not been established.

Refusing to take into consideration the theory of consensual sexual relations advanced by the applicant’s lawyer, the court observed: “Dating sites are not an indication to pass judgment on the virtues of anyone. meet him, the exchange of words are able to gain confidence that the other party is willing to marry and in the name of marriage, if a physical favor is sought, then this will not amount to characterizing a victim, as a person of easy virtues having consented to a physical relationship without there being any provocation such as the promise to marry. “

While rejecting an Abhay Chopra’s early bail application from Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida), Judge Vivek Agarwal said that the applicant is free to go to the lower court and participate in the court proceedings.

“He may also, if advised, request proper bail, which the relevant court will consider on its own merits, without prejudice to the order made here,” the court added.

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