One Million Moms are outraged by gay couple eating toast

A screenshot of the offending eHarmony ad, airing in Australia and Canada. – Photo: eHarmony, via YouTube.

One Million Moms, the anti-LGBTQ organization known for boycotting businesses, movies, TV shows, books, or anything else that portrays LGBTQ people or relationships in a positive light, has found itself a new target , attacking online dating site eHarmony over an ad it says tries to “normalize sin.”

OMM, which markets itself as an organization for concerned parents “fed up with the filth that many segments of our society, especially the entertainment media, throw at our children”, targeted the online dating company on an advertisement featuring a same-sex couple canoodling, showing affection and sharing a piece of toast covered in peanut butter.

OMM alleged that the ad, titled “Here for Real Love,” attempts to “normalize and glorify the LGBTQ lifestyle by featuring a gay couple hugging, feeding and wiping their mouths.”

“By promoting same-sex relationships, eHarmony wants to clarify its position on this controversial topic instead of remaining neutral in the culture war,” the group wrote in a statement. online petition he asked the supporter to sign. “There are concerns about how this ad is pushing the LGBTQ agenda, but an even bigger concern is that the ad is being aired when kids are likely watching TV.

“This eHarmony ad brainwashes children and adults alike by desensitizing them and convincing them that homosexuality is natural, when in reality it is unnatural love that is forbidden by scripture, just like love rooted in adultery is prohibited,” the petition continues. “Homosexuality is immoral. Romans 1:26-27 makes this very clear. Therefore, One Million Moms will continue to uphold biblical truth.

The group’s petition informing eHarmony that its LGBTQ-themed ad is offensive and urging the company to “stick to promoting your website, not making political and social statements”, has so far garnered about 8,800 signatures, far less than the million members it claims.

Ironically, the company that One Million Moms finds itself attacking has not always been seen as LGBTQ friendly. eHarmony was founded by a prominent evangelical Christian, Dr. Neil Clark Warrenwho for a time spoke out against same-sex relationships based on his personal beliefs, giving interviews to anti-LGBTQ organizations like Focus on family and say USA today this “[w]We don’t really want to participate in anything illegal. In 2005, the company was sued for discriminating against same-sex couples. To settle this lawsuit, in 2009 the company launched Compatible Partners, a site for gay and lesbian singles, but it wasn’t until 2019 that eHarmony itself began to do gay dating.

As an affiliate of the American Family Association – an organization that campaigns against LGBTQ rights and expression, pornography and abortion – One Million Moms has become infamous in recent years for boycotting companies that broadcast advertisements with sexual or LGBTQ content or that have pros. -LGBTQ corporate policies.

The organization has previously mounted campaigns against children’s TV shows depicting a pair of same-sex parents, called for a boycott of Walgreens drugstore over company policy allowing transgender people to use the room that matches their gender identity, attacked yogurt company Chobani over an advertisement showing a lesbian couple eating yogurt in bed and demanded a boycott of the famous Oreo cookie brand for the company’s decision to ‘offering limited-edition rainbow-colored cookies as part of a partnership with LGBTQ advocacy organization PFLAG.

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