Pakistan blocks TikTok again for “inappropriate content”


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Islamabad (AFP)

The popular video-sharing app TikTok was blocked Wednesday in Pakistan for the fourth time due to “inappropriate content,” the country’s telecommunications regulator said.

The Chinese-owned site has waged a series of legal battles with religious activists and authorities in the conservative Muslim nation, and was shut down two days earlier this month by order of a provincial court.

Free speech advocates have long criticized rampant government censorship and control of the Pakistani internet and media.

“The action was taken due to the continued presence of inappropriate content on the platform and its inability to remove such content,” the telecommunications authority said in a statement.

A local TikTok representative did not immediately comment.

The app has a huge fan base in Pakistan where many people use it to market and sell products online.

But his critics in the deeply conservative Muslim nation say he promotes LGBTQ vulgarity and content.

In June, TikTok said it had removed more than six million videos available to Pakistani users in just three months following complaints from officials and ordinary users.

About 15% of the deleted videos were deleted due to “adult nudity and sexual activity,” the company said.

Officials have already asked YouTube to block content they believe is objectionable, and several dating apps are banned.

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