Participation in DOK Leipzig; Endemol Shine, Israel’s New Dating Format

DOK Leipzig reveals hybrid attendance figures

The organizers of the 64th DOK Leipzig announced that the 2021 event registered 38,950 visits to its in-person events and online programs.

Accredited professionals and the general public attended screenings and in-person events open to the public at 11 different venues a total of 16,957 times. About 80% of the available seats were occupied, which was seen as a positive outcome for the first edition of the festival which will be held mostly in person in Leipzig since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event was still subject to restrictions. Public events were limited to people vaccinated, recovered or tested, and distancing measures were in place, meaning that around half of the seats at the various sites were available.

“This year a real festival atmosphere has returned,” festival director Christoph Terhechte said in a statement. “After experiencing last year’s festival without guests, what I liked the most was the opportunity for personal interaction. The filmmakers and participants shared this impression. The decision to focus primarily on an in-person festival in Leipzig despite the difficult circumstances turned out to be the right one. Nevertheless, many people took the opportunity to attend the festival from afar.

The industrial platform DOK Industry was held for the first time in hybrid form and organized several events online and in Leipzig. About 1,400 accredited professionals took part in the available hybrid networking opportunities, including some 500 people participating online from around the world. Offerings included the DOK Co-Pro Marketplace, DOK Preview summary presentations, the DOK Film Market online video library, the XR DOK Exchange conference, the “Meet the Experts” forum and a series of podcasts on industry topics. .

Launch of Endemol Shine Israel Mystery Star Date format

Endemol Shine Israel from Banijay has developed a new dating format, Mystery Star Date, a celebrity-centric social experiment, a hybrid dating show that uses motion capture technology.

The format allows celebrities to use personalized avatars to hide their identities when wooing non-famous suitors, allowing them to be themselves as they seek true connection. At the end of the show, when a bond has formed, the celebrity’s identity is revealed.

The Mystery Star Date format is available to international broadcasters for production.

“Given its uniqueness and cultural relevance, we anticipate strong market interest, especially as the use of virtual reality by consumers is only growing,” said Amir Ganor, Managing Director of ‘Endemol Shine Israel in a statement.

Zed throws a pair of birthday-themed story documents

Parisian producer and distributor Zed is offering two new birthday programs on the local market, both available for pre-sale.

Egyptian code breakers (52 and 90 minutes) is scheduled for the 200th anniversary of the decoding of hieroglyphics in September 2022. It is produced by TVSP for ARTE France and was directed by Jacques Plaisant. The documentary tells the story of the breakthrough that revolutionized our understanding of ancient Egyptian civilization.

French scholar Jean-François Champollion is famous for deciphering hieroglyphics, with the support of his older brother, Jacques-Joseph Champollion. Egyptian code breakers features animated footage, private correspondence between two brothers, archival footage and expert interviews.

Egyptian code breakers will be launched at the next World Congress of Scientific and Evidence Producers (WCSFP) and will be delivered in May 2022.

Also on the way to Zed is Eiffel: the war of the towers, described as an in-house docu-fiction produced for ARTE France. The 52- and 90-minute documentary tells the story of the iconic Eiffel Tower and the “architectural duel” between Gustave Eiffel and his rival Jules Bourdais to build a thousand-foot tower, marking a major turning point in the history of the architecture.

Eiffel: the war of the towers uses 3D reconstructions, official reports, letters and drawings, and archives obtained from their descendants to bring the story to life. The film is directed by Mathieu Schwarts and descendant Savin Yeatman-Eiffel, and will be delivered by February 2023 to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Eiffel, known as “the architect of iron”.

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