Purdue Addresses Healthcare Needs with New Online Healthcare Operations and Quality Improvement Certificates

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – To provide professionals with an interest in health care the opportunity to develop valuable skills in business, management, and quality improvement in the delivery of health care, the College of Health and Human Sciences at the Purdue University is offering two new online graduate certificates in healthcare operations management and quality of care improvement.

The new certificates are offered by Purdue’s Department of Public Health, which offers several online graduate administration programs, including a master’s degree in health administration (MHA) and another graduate certificate in care leadership. health. Cody Mullen, Clinical Associate Professor of Public Health, is director of Purdue’s Master of Health Administration program, which was recently ranked #3 nationally by OnlineMaster’sDegree.org.

“With these new certificate offerings, we hope to give professional students another developmental opportunity that will increase their business and management acumen,” Mullen said. “And with a graduate certificate, students can learn these valuable skills in less time than a traditional master’s degree.”

The Healthcare Operations Certificate consists of three online courses that can be completed in nine months. Students will gain marketable skills in finance, accounting, and health care operations management.

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Certificate also includes three online courses that can be completed in nine months. In this certificate program, students will learn how to make data-driven decisions to improve the quality and delivery of health care.

“These certificates were created to increase career potential in areas such as clinical finance, hospital administration, medical manufacturing, insurance, business operations, healthcare services, and quality management,” Mullen said.

As the nation’s healthcare systems grow in scope and complexity, business and management expertise is increasingly in demand among healthcare professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in healthcare operations could increase by up to 17% between 2020 and 2030, faster than average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also indicates that jobs in healthcare quality improvement are expected to increase by 16% through 2030. These new graduate certificates are designed to meet this demand and prepare future professionals to essential roles in hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities.

“This is an exciting and meaningful time to enter the healthcare field,” Mullen said. “The opportunities are growing, and there’s also a lot of important work to do, given how the medical system has been challenged by COVID-19 and other public health crises.”

Credits from the Graduate Certificates in Healthcare Quality Improvement, Healthcare Operations, and Healthcare Leadership can also be transferred to the online Master of Health Administration degree.

“The flexibility these certificates provide is a big advantage for professional students,” Mullen said. “They can take a few courses in a field they’re interested in to earn a valuable degree, and they can easily transfer those credits to a master’s degree if they want to further their education. The rhythm belongs to them. »

Candidates for certificate programs should have one to three years of work experience in a healthcare-related field. Students can apply for a fall, spring, or summer start date. Since all three courses will take place entirely online, students can access lectures and other course materials at any time.

Visit the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Operations and Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Quality Improvement Program websites for more details on the certificates and how to apply.

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Source: Cody Mullen, [email protected]

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