Pure, Australia’s first non-vaxx dating site for anti-vaxxers

There are now online dating options for the anti-vaccine in your life.

What should not be mentioned on a first date? Politics, religion, venereal disease?

Well, very trendy 2021, a dating site is trying to make it easier for anti-vaccine love-seekers. The site, called Pure Match, is not to be confused with the Christian dating site of the same name, however. On his landing page, he sets out his intentions quite clearly.

“Pure. We’re coming soon. Pre-register for Australia’s premier non-vaxx matchmaker site,” he said.

This then takes you to a registration form where you can fill in your likes and dislikes – you can even tick a box indicating that you are interested in conspiracy theories and the New World Order.

Details are bare on the new site, but if the recent anti-vax protests were to occur, there would be some appetite for the website.

The rallies come as Australia’s vaccination rate approaches 80%.

Just 24 hours ago, conspiracy theorists gathered for yet another protest in Melbourne.

In recent weeks, the protests have been peaceful. But there were unruly scenes as MPs debated the government’s pandemic powers.

On one occasion, protesters carried a gallows along Spring Street and shouted for the Prime Minister to be hanged.

The bill that sparked the protests cleared Victoria’s upper house and eventually passed the Legislative Assembly – where Labor has a majority – just after 7 p.m. Thursday, to become law.

The law transfers responsibility for reporting pandemics from health officials to the Prime Minister.

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said the laws would give the state a framework to keep Victoria open and safe.

“We need a set of rules because this pandemic is not over,” he said.

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