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At Love is blind, the contestants fall in love without ever seeing each other in person. It’s an unusual setup, but it’s exactly the kind of thing Natalie Lee was looking for. The 29 year old player Love is blind The Season 2 contestant said on the show that people often make assumptions about her based on her looks. But, she found love in the pods, thanks in part to the show’s unique dating circumstances.

Warning: Spoilers for the first five episodes of Love is blind Season 2 to follow. “When I meet men on dating apps, I think they see an Asian girl and they stereotype me thinking I’m going to be quiet, more submissive,” Natalie explained on Love is blind. “And then they’ll meet me and I’ll be a little louder, more outgoing, more career-oriented and more opinionated.” Dating worked out haphazardly for Natalie, at least at first. She got engaged to Shayne Jansen after having several heartfelt conversations in the pods, but now it’s unclear if their love is here to stay. Shayne also sparked a connection with Shaina Hurley, and the cracks in Shayne and Natalie’s bond began to show during their time in Mexico. The future of Shayne and Natalie’s relationship may be in question, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a lot to learn about Natalie, far beyond the assumptions people might make about her. .

The real work of Natalie Lee

Natalie is a management consultant and lives in Chicago. She noted on the show that her job was very important to her and that her future husband had to be okay with her focusing on her career.

Natalie Lee’s Instagram

Natalie’s work is important to her, but she also knows how to have fun and her instagram highlights this fact. Her Instagram bio reads, “all the bad jokes and goofy comments are mine,” and she captioned a lot of his messages with sarcastic jokes. She posts lots of pictures with his friends and even dressed in game of thrones– themed couple costume with a close friend. Natalie also loves to travel and has posted some great photos of places like Budapest and Hawaii.

Facts About Natalie Lee

Natalie shared this his greatest pet peeve it’s when men name and show themselves. She also said her feelings about marriage were solidified when she saw her grandfather taking care of her grandmother after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Hope she can find a love as strong as her grandparents through Love is blind, even through all of his drama with Shayne.

The first five episodes of Love is blind Season 2 is now on Netflix.

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