Sabina Nessa’s ‘creepy’ killer, 36, was ‘on a gay dating app’ 5 years before the brutal attack


Primary school teacher Sabina Nessa was found dead last September and now an Eastbourne man has come forward to reveal how he escaped the clutches of the convicted murderer.

Sabina Nessa was brutally killed when she was a five-minute walk from her home to meet a friend in a pub

A MAN has claimed he escaped the clutches of Sabina Nessa’s killer, Koci Selamaj, after the Albanian tried to chat him up on gay dating app Grindr.

The man, who does not want to be named, said he was “scary”. Selamaj, 36, contacted him without sharing a photo five years ago.

When Selamaj finally showed his face, his target recognized him “right away” as the man he often saw on the street in Eastbourne, West Sussex, where the two lived.

At the Old Bailey on Friday, Sel-amaj admitted to the murder of a 28-year-old schoolteacher, Sabina, and he is due to be sentenced in April.

The man he tried to chat told the Mirror: ‘We passed each other every day on the way to work so I recognized him.

“Initially, on Grindr, he didn’t have any pictures of himself and he was like, ‘I see you every day’. It was scary.

“So I asked him to send me a picture because his profile didn’t have one. He sent me a picture, and that was him – the man [later] arrested for the girl’s murder.

Koci Selamaj pleaded guilty to the murder of primary school teacher Sabina Nessa on Friday, February 25.


Metropolitan Police/PA Wire)

“I recognized him straight away. I told him sorry but he wasn’t my type and I blocked him. I don’t know if he’s gay or bisexual, but it was 100% him .

“I suspect that’s not something that many people know about – because Albania is known to be quite a homophobic place.

“It’s scary to think it was him, who knows what might have happened if we had met. It’s not even worth thinking about.”

Same-sex marriage or civil unions are currently not recognized in Albania. In 2013, the European Social Survey revealed that the country was the most homophobic in Europe.

Sabina Nessa’s death caused public outcry, particularly following the murder of Sarah Everard a few months prior.



Selamaj had become violent towards his Romanian wife, Ionela, and they broke up weeks before he bludgeoned and strangled Sabina.

The mechanic spotted Sabina, when she was going to meet a friend after school.

CCTV showed him beating her 34 times with a metal warning triangle before taking her unconscious.

He then strangled her in an undergrowth. Prosecutor Alison Morgan told the Old Bailey the murder had a sexual or sadistic element.

Selamaj had removed Sabina’s underwear and exposed parts of her body.

He then stayed at a luxury hotel that night.

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