Sony, Paramount release date moves, Spider-Man release date rumored


Sony and Paramount release date is moving, Spider-Man: No Way Home Rumors Start, and more on entertainment and live luck! | Daily COG

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LRM the daily show is the flagship of LRM online Genreverse podcast network. The Daily Gender Cup (DailyCOG) is your door to our Genreverse. What is The Genreverse? It’s everything you’ve always loved, all in one place. Of Star wars To Star Trek, Anime to Disney princess films, and PlayStation to NES… The Genreverse is as unlimited as the multiverse of DC and Marvel. Welcome to the Daily COG, enjoy the show!

In today’s episode, Kyle (@ThatKyleMalone) and Manny (@LRM_Emmanuel) discuss entertainment news through the Genreverse. It’s time for a live show, we hope. It’s still hard to guess what to write here for SEO, but we’re pretty sure the recent release date changes from Sony and Paramount will be discussed. Plus, this nasty rumor is now hitting Spider-Man: No Way Home! What does all this mean? Let’s dig and find out. Anything is possible, and we’ll talk about the latest news if that happens. Enjoy your daily genre mug!

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Question (s) of the day: what Sony or Paramount release date are you most upset about? Do you think the Spider-Man: No Way Home release date will change?

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