Survey Says: Best Colorado Beers and Breweries in 2021 and What’s Next in 2022

Colorado’s top breweries and breweries in this year’s Axios Best Beer survey epitomized both ends of the spectrum: hop-crazy misty IPAs and flavor-packed traditional lagers.

What we found: We interviewed 150 beer lovers and industry professionals and took a bite of Not exploited state data to compile a list of Colorado’s best brews, beers, and trends – and what to watch out for in the year ahead.

  • It’s the fifth consecutive year John led the investigation, dating back to his days at the Denver Post and his recent tenure at the Colorado sun.
  • In homage to the state’s diverse scene, nearly 200 different breweries have been nominated in the different categories.

Best brewery: Outdoor beach landed on the scene when it opened five years ago with the mellowest, hopping misty IPAs in the state. In 2021, it has become a beer destination with its full bar / restaurant / cafe in Frisco.

Lagerhaus in Bierstadt. Photo: John Frank / Axios

Best beer: by Bierstadt Slow Pour Pils et Helles (tie). This German lager maker has landed its pilsner at the top since opening, and this year its main competition has come from within. A tried and true cup of Helles gave impetus to the delicate Slow Pour Pils.

  • Top 3 from Untappd: WeldWerks’ Extra Extra Juicy Bits (4.5), WeldWerks / Casey Transmountain Diversion (4.4) and Knotted root Perpetually unimpressed (4.3)
  • John’s choice: Cerebral Crocodile Kilometer. A collaboration with famed New York City misty IPA master Other Half is the beer I still remember the most from the start of the year. I’m not the only one: Untappd users place it 5th this year in Colorado.
  • Honorable mentions: Our mutual friends IPA interior light, Outdoor beach Pillow stacks and 4 noses ‘Bout damn time
Cohesion Brewery
Cohesion brewery. Photo: Alayna Alvarez / Axios

Best New Brewery: Denver Cohesion just opened this summer, but has quickly become a favorite with beer lovers and industry professionals with its traditional Czech-style lagers served in three different styles.

Brewery to watch in 2022: Report and 4 noses (to attach). What these two breweries have in common is growth. The ratio opens another place Next year. 4 Noses acquired Odd13 Brewing in Lafayette; has been successful with its branch Wild Provisions in Boulder; and announced a new valve room and new production facility in Denver.

A lager from Wiley Roots Brewing
Helles by Wiley Roots Brewing. Photo: John Frank / Axios

Top beer trend for 2021: Lagers. From pilsners to various styles of lagers, independently-made beer-flavored beers dominated as an easy-to-drink alternative to seltzers. “I love to have a few beers with my friends, and these crispy woods allow me to do that,” says Devon Adams, an Advanced Cicerone.

  • John’s choice: The return of faucet rooms – especially those with outdoor patios like Sanitas, Cannonball Creek, and Telluride. Likewise, the beer sales platform Come declared the return of QR codes as its main trend.
  • Honorable mentions: Seltzer, misty and tangy IPA

Beer trend to watch in 2022: Non-alcoholic beers (and similar hop-infused beverages) are growing in popularity and popularity. “People are looking to take care of themselves… while continuing to engage in socially consuming situations,” says Sam Real of CSA Distributing.

  • John’s choice: The reimagined and more refined West Coast IPA, with less bitterness and a juicier hop flavor like the Crooked Stave edition, will rival the cloudy, belly-filling hazy IPA.
  • Honorable mentions: The endurance of IPA and lagers.

The bottom line: Jonathan Mueller echoed the sentiment of many who responded to the poll: “Comparing Colorado’s craft scene to other American breweries is like letting the gods participate in a contest of mortals: unfair at best, at best. worse a deadly defenestration ”.

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