The first dating app dedicated to NFT collectors

Riding the tide of Valentine’s Day, the Metaverse has good news for crypto enthusiasts and NFT collectors.

Why shouldn’t an important date like Valentine’s Day be celebrated in the virtual and digital world? When people get married in the Metaverse, it’s time for digital art collectors and NFT enthusiasts to get their own dating app too.

Building on this concept, a dedicated dating app for NFT collectors, Lonely Ape Dating Club, will soon be launched.

Lonely Ape Dating Club: what we know

Who can join the app?

The first dating app just for NFT collectors, it will be ready to roll out to the public in no time. Now only those with at least one Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT can join the app.

Interested NFT collectors can head to the official Lonely Ape Dating Club website to join the waitlist and get early access.

How does the platform work?

Lonely Ape Dating Club comes with its set of unique differentiators and selling points that set it apart from other dating apps.

There is no need to enter or display any personal information. Instead, one can link their crypto wallet to access the app. Once logged in, users can view their net worth and NFT portfolio. You can also filter your matches by their cryptocurrency value and NFT collection.

According to the website’s press release, “The ‘Coin Digger’ feature will allow non-BAYC owners to connect with higher net worth individuals for mutual benefit.” It also enables a “match to win” feature that earns tokens by interacting and engaging on the platform.

Users can grab others’ attention by sending them crypto tips and showing interesting metrics like how long you’ve “handed over diamonds” or kept your NFTs and personal net worth.

The brains behind the Lonely Ape Dating Club

The dating platform is a brainchild of the year 4000 or popularly known as Y4K. Y4K is a group of hackers and NFT collectors who have seamlessly integrated Web 3.0 technology into the realm of online dating.

Lonely Ape Dating Club is brought to you by the owners of BAYC and quickly attracts attention.

Just as the world adjusts to the new way of looking at investments and assets, this step also has the potential to change the way we experience online dating and view dating apps.

(Main image and feature credit: Lonely Ape Dating Club)

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